Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My OCD schedule

Today, my tip might, for some, be common sense, and for others, a walk a little too far on the OCD side, but it works for me. I have a house cleaning schedule. I also have a laundry schedule. In case you couldn't tell, I like schedules. I like lists. I like them a lot. And yes, I am working on that OCD post.

Here's what it looks like. On Mondays, I clean the dining room and the hardwood floors, and I wash bed sheets. On Tuesdays, I clean the bedrooms and wash light colored clothes. Wednesday, it's the kitchen and darks. Thursdays are bathrooms and white clothes. And Fridays are the living room and playroom and towels. Now, that's not saying I won't swiffer the hardwood on Thursday or clean a toilet on Monday, lest you think I only clean up once a week and only on my assigned day. But, it's nice to know that any given room will be cleaned at least one time a week. Because, let's face it, that's really pushing it some weeks.

And here's why it works for me. It is much easier for me to spend an hour or two everyday getting small jobs done, rather than neglecting my kids for a whole day trying to do it all in one day. Also, once I get my task done for the day, I don't have to feel guilty for playing Candyland twenty-five times (Whoopee!), in a row, with a cheating 4 yr old. I can focus my attention solely on my kids, without thinking about all the other things I need to be doing. Third, if something comes up, and I get behind on something, it's no big deal. It's easy to combine tasks the next day, or get caught up on Saturday. I also just like knowing what's ahead of me each day. I am a creature of habit.

I realize I might have let you a little too far into my obsessive-compulsive brain, but hey, it's what works for me. And for more great tips, head over to rocks in my dryer.


  1. I have a similar schedule as well.
    Monday- master bedroom + bathrooms
    Tuesday- kids rooms
    Wednesday- office and basement
    Thursday- Kitchen and dining
    Friday - living room
    Saturday- porches and garage

    It helps me to break down rooms by the day.

    Have a great day!

  2. I love this tip!!! I just wish I could actually stay on a house schedule! I get bored too easy and procrastinate way too much...ie my house is usually a mess.
    Thank you for the list tho. I am printing it out and I'm going to give it a try... can't hurt right??

    Now to tackle Mt St Clean Clothes....

  3. I have a the same cleaning schedule too. I do one room a day, sweep every night (because I have a dog and hardwood floors), and laundry once a week since we don't have a w/d in our house. I don't think it's ocd to have a cleaning schedule. Like you said it frees up your time with your children. We shouldn't live to clean--I would rather spend all my time during the day playing with and nurturing my children. Thanks for the great tips. Check out what works for me at http://mommylounge.wordpress.com

  4. Thanks for the comment!
    I have the benefit of teenaged girls who do ALL the housework...using MY lists of course ;) All of the chores are divided between the two oldest girls, who trade lists each week. We do specific jobs Mon-Thurs. Friday is shopping day (see my blog for that :)That way my house is clean for the weekend (well, as clean as a house with seven people can be)!

  5. Good schedule. I totally need to do something like this!


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