Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Should it really be called customer service?

I've been MIA for a few days. A lot has happened since the weekend, most of it worthy of it's own post...trying to get a rental car for Burge while his is in the bodyshop, the freakish tornado that took down our neighbor's shed and moved our porch off its foundation, and my new obsessive love for the Swiffer sweeper plus vacuum. I'll get to all those later. Today I need to vent about the fact that I have been without phone or internet for 2 whole days. 2 days!

It was knocked out on Monday night by aforementioned tornadic activity. Nobody's fault...I'm not mad about that. I called to report the outage Monday night and the customer service man assured me someone would be out on Tuesday to fix it. So, all day Tuesday I waited. Not so patiently. And he never showed up.

I got a little concerned around 2ish, so I called customer service to check on it, and once I again I was assured that a tech would be there before 5. I called again at 4:30, only to be told that he would be there by 5, but if he happened not to be to call back at 5. I called back at 5, and spoke to a really brilliant guy. First, he asked me if I was calling him on the line that has no dial tone. HEL-LO! It has no dial tone! Then he put me on hold for ten minutes, only to come back on the line to inform me that they had overlooked my appointment for that day. Really? 'Cause I was just calling to chat with you for a while, just cause I like customer service people sooooo much. Anyway I got a $25 credit for my trouble and a rescheduled appointment for Wednesday.

Okay, not exactly the outcome I was hoping for, but I'll make do. I had to pack up the kids and head to Wal-Mart just to get my mind off the fact that I was jonesing for an internet fix. Seriously, I was having withdrawals...and my laptop was just sitting there, beckoning me to get on it. I swear I heard it calling my name.

So, Wednesday rolls around, and by this time all 3 of us are watching for the tech out the window. Maybe not so much Grayson, but Abby kept asking where the telephone man was. I think she knew I was about to blow. I held off calling again until lunch, when once again I was told that he would be here by 5. I called again at 2, and this lady I think could sense the desperation in my voice, and called someone to check on it for me. Again on hold for 10 minutes, and then she came back and was sorry to inform me that due to an error on their part, the service order never got sent, and it will probably be tomorrow before someone can get out here. Seriously?!? My phone has been out for 2 days, I have called you 25 times and you are just now discovering that the order has never been sent??!?? I'm honestly not sure what I said at this point...I think I might have blacked out for a moment. I might've cried, I might've threatened bodily harm, I'm just not sure. Whatever it was, it must have worked, because she said she would have the technician call me and then she promised me that it would be back on today. These are just words, people. I don't care about words...I want to see some action! I NEED to see some action!

Well, fortunately for them, I did get a call from the local office and the tech did make it out to get us back up and running. I have calmed down slightly, and my adored laptop is humming lovingly as I type this.

As a side note, pray for us tomorrow. Grayson and I will be taking Abby to the dentist tomorrow to have 2 teeth filled. And then we have church directory pictures scheduled for tomorrow night. Yes, I apparently like pain...

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