Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bare Face and Feet

I am ruined, or "rurnt" in Southern speak (and yes, Burge and I did discuss how exactly one would spell that non-word). And it only took 5 short months of "stay at home" life. I am now more used to seeing myself without make-up than with. I will even leave the house without make-up these days, and I do, quite often. My daily wardrobe now is worthy of its own episode of What Not to Wear. Although, I have yet to sink to the cardinal sin of wearing pajama pants to Wal-Mart. Please, please stop me before me before I get to that point. I'm talking intervention, people.

And the kicker...I actually gave myself shin splints Sunday by wearing real shoes! Seriously, who knew barefeet and flip-flops would ruin your feet?

And now, Abby's Confucius thought for the day. "I'm looking at you, staring at nobody."

It's deep, folks. There's a lot going on in that 4 year old head of hers. We're contemplating starting a line of t-shirts and calling it Abbyisms. What do ya think?

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  1. I'm with you! I posted something similar in July
    I felt like the mom in the Suave shampoo commercial. Good news is its temporary... bad news is its temporary... our kids grow up so fast. Blessings, Whitney


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