Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happily Ever Afters

I love me some Disney. Yes, I realize it is totally overly commercialized, but I love everything about it. We took Abby to Disneyworld a couple of years ago, and we will go again when Grayson is a bit older and we have money. Not a cheap trip, that Disneyworld.

Anyway, we have a ton of Disney movies, and they are all favorites of Abby. She loves the whole princess meets prince, damsel in distress, happily ever after bit. And I have not had a problem with that. Until now.

Abby now has this obsession with getting married. She's four. Her dogs are getting married, her barbies are getting hitched, polly pocket is tying the knot, and she herself marries at least twice a day.

Now, while she believes that two people cannot kiss until they're married (a belief I firmly hope sticks. Hey, it works for the Duggars! But, that's another post entirely.), she apparently believes that you can marry multiple people in the same day. Not in this state and not legally, but a difficult concept to explain to a preschooler.

Those of you with young sons, least you think that my husband-hunting 4 year old is after your son, rest assured, she's already found her groom.

Winnie the Pooh.

I don't know whether to be relieved or deeply disturbed.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Big 0-1

I'm late in posting about Grayson's birthday party, mainly because I'm in denial about the big'un being a year old now. And he's like 2 minutes away from walking, and he wore jeans for the first time this week, and he looks like a little boy and not a baby anymore. While all this is joyous, it's a bit depressing for the momma. (I don't really know why I included the jeans thing there; it was just a momentous occassion for us, I guess.) I remember exactly when he was born a year ago. Just like it was yesterday. And I know that each year that memory will get a little more faded, just like it has with Abby. And while I will have tons of new memories to fill that void, it's just not the same.

Anyway, enough melancoly for one day, on to the pictures!

Abby helped Grayson blow out the candle. Notice how he is eyeing the cupcake.

Going in for the kill...
"Hmmmm, looks pretty tasty..."

"What? Do I have something on my face?"

"Now, if I could just get this whole hand in my mouth, we'd be in business."

"I think I have chocolate up my nose, but I must finish the job. All about dedication, people."

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More "Abby Antics"

We ate at Logan's Monday night before our bi-monthly Aldi trip. I know, I know, we went out to eat! We NEVER go out to eat, unless you count the Taco Bell extra value menu, which I really don't think you can. It wasn't that much of a splurge, really. If you didn't know, Logan's has a special where you can get two meals for $12.99 and $2 kids' meals. All four of us ate for $21!

Anyway, Logan's has the buckets of peanuts sitting on your table to munch on while you wait on your server. Peanuts in their shells, in case you didn't know. As in, not yet shelled.

We get seated, and Burge starts noshing on the peanuts. Burge likes peanuts. Just thought I would throw that in. To be honest, I'm not really paying attention to Abby. I'm a bit preoccupied with keeping all eating utensils out of Grayson's hands, where they would be used as a weapon. Abby says, "I don't like these." We look over and see half of a peanut. Half of a whole unshelled peanut. Like, she bit off half the peanut in the shell and is trying to chew it.

After we had a good laugh at her expense, we explained that you need to take the peanut out of the shell before you eat it. She liked them a lot better after that.

Friday, October 10, 2008

I Heart my Magic Eraser!

Okay, so I know I post a lot about cleaning and cleaning products and such, but it is pretty much my life these days. Anyway, if I haven't conveyed lately my love for the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, here it is. I love this thing! And it's Wal-Mart generic counterpart, the Miracle. Yes, it's great for taking pencil or crayon marks off walls and doors, but have you ever tried it to scrub out your bathtub? Genius, I tell you! It sparkles, and who doesn't want their bathtub to sparkle?

It is also great for scrubbing your sink, if the bathtub sparkle isn't enough for you. Now, I'm not one who's been drinking the flylady Kool-aid, but I do like my sink to be clean at all times. Not that there's anything wrong with the flylady. I'm sure there are many who follow her that are quite sane. She's just not my cup of tea. Trust me, if I have any negative voices in my head, I don't need her replacing them with positivity. They are drowned out by the screams of a 4 year old and 1 year old.

Anyway, if you haven't tried the Magic Eraser for your everyday cleaning needs, give it a shot. You will not be disappointed!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

WFMW: Aldi

Another week has passed, and its time for Works-for-Me Wednesday again. Aldi seriously works for me. In the span of 3 months, it has become my "go-to" grocery store. As in, if I can't get it at Aldi, I seriously question my true need for it. When I first left the work force, I didn't think I could justify the drive to Aldi to buy groceries on a regular basis (the nearest one is about 30 miles away.). Plus I was still riding the "name brand" bandwagon.

Then I found out they had milk for $1.99 a gallon. Yes, I said $1.99 for a GALLON OF MILK! At that time, Wal-Mart brand was going for $4.19 a gallon. That, my friend, is flippin' ridiculous! So, we started going to Aldi once a month just to get milk and staples, like flour and sugar.

Now, we hit Aldi every payday, and only go to Wal-Mart if they are out of something we desperately need. Here's why Aldi works for me...First, I'm not tempted (as much) to impulse buy. I can (and do) always find something at Wal-Mart that I just have to have, but isn't on my list. Aldi pretty much just has groceries, so I can't get a new lipstick or toy for Abby or Grayson. Second, their products are, in my opinion, better than all other generics, especially Wal-Mart brand. Especially cheese, and we can put away some cheese in this house, people. And finally,and most importantly, I can buy 2 weeks worth of groceries for half of what I would spend at Wal-Mart! That definitely works for me!

So, if you have an Aldi near you, check them out! It will definitely be worth your while.

And head on over to see what works for everyone else at Shannon's rocks in my dryer.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Jon & Kate + Loads o' Fun

Thursday, I got to go to the Southern Women's Show in Birmingham. Yes, I got to spend an entire day without kids in a place that totally caters to women! That alone was worth the drive to B'ham. But, as icing on the cake, Jon & Kate Gosselin (as in Jon & Kate +8) were there as well! I will admit I am slightly obsessed with that show. As with most cable shows, reruns air several times a day. And we (me & Abby) watch it at least once a day. Burge, by the way, is not so impressed with it. He's not so fond of Kate. I can relate to her because, if I'm keeping it real here, she says what I'm thinking (or have thought) but just never said out loud. Granted, some things could be better left unsaid, but thinking it is just as bad as saying it.

Anyway, our sole purpose for going to this was to meet Jon & Kate. Anything else was just gravy. But this place was awesome! There was clothing and handbags and shoes, glorious shoes! You could get your legs shaved, your teeth whitened, and your eyebrows waxed. You could try out mattresses and then get fitted for a bra. Which I did. Not the mattress, but the bra. And, as a side note, you just haven't lived until you've tried on undergarments in a little cubicle where the only thing separating you from literally hundreds of people is a very thin sheet of nylon.

You could try every kind of perfume made and then get a makeover. I even heard rumors about someone teaching ballroom dancing, although I did not personally witness this. I did have my hair done in an "African Butterfly Hairclip." And then I bought one. Now, I'm not one to buy into a lot of hype (although you wouldn't know it by this trip...keep reading), but this thing is awesome. I have worn it everyday since I got it. It might take the place of my ever-present ponytail. You can check them out here.

Then we came across the Shamwow exhibit. These jokers work! I don't know how many 2 liters of Diet Coke they went through in a day, but they would dump it on their little carpet sample and the Shamwow would suck it right up. But, then after all, it is made in Germany, so it has to be good. If you have lived under a rock for the last 6 months and have not heard of the Shamwow, you can check them out here. So, of course, I bought one of those too. After all, they make you say WOW every time! Who couldn't use a little more of that in their life?

My eyes had glazed over at this point. I momentarily thought about seeing if the leg shaving lady would move over to the teeth whitening booth so I could get 2 treatments at once. And then if I could wear the warming peppermint neck wrap and have a hand massage too, it would be heaven! What was our main reason for going again? Oh, yeah! Jon & Kate!

We had a decision to make at this point. Do we stay by the stage to hear them answer audience questions, or do we get in the ever growing line for autographs? We chose the autograph line, because I have seen every show, so most likely I know the answer to whatever question would be asked. Here are the fruits of our labor...

All in all it was an awesome day. I would totally attend it again, even if Jon & Kate weren't there. Now, if the Shamwow guy wasn't there...that's a different story.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

WFMW: Kitchen Organization

This week's edition of Works-for-Me Wednesday is all about kitchen organization. Now, I am not, by any means, an expert on organizing anything, least of all the kitchen. But here's what works for me...

I unload my dishwasher first thing in the morning, while the kids are eating breakfast. Then, all day, as dishes get dirtied up, they go directly in the dishwasher. Then, before I go to bed, I start the dishwasher. (Now, please do not lecture me about the dangerous perils of running the dishwasher while we sleep. Our dishwasher is LOUD and really heats up the kitchen.) This way, my kitchen sink is never piled up with dirty dishes (which is a huge pet peeve of mine), and it doesn't take so long to unload and then reload.

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