Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happily Ever Afters

I love me some Disney. Yes, I realize it is totally overly commercialized, but I love everything about it. We took Abby to Disneyworld a couple of years ago, and we will go again when Grayson is a bit older and we have money. Not a cheap trip, that Disneyworld.

Anyway, we have a ton of Disney movies, and they are all favorites of Abby. She loves the whole princess meets prince, damsel in distress, happily ever after bit. And I have not had a problem with that. Until now.

Abby now has this obsession with getting married. She's four. Her dogs are getting married, her barbies are getting hitched, polly pocket is tying the knot, and she herself marries at least twice a day.

Now, while she believes that two people cannot kiss until they're married (a belief I firmly hope sticks. Hey, it works for the Duggars! But, that's another post entirely.), she apparently believes that you can marry multiple people in the same day. Not in this state and not legally, but a difficult concept to explain to a preschooler.

Those of you with young sons, least you think that my husband-hunting 4 year old is after your son, rest assured, she's already found her groom.

Winnie the Pooh.

I don't know whether to be relieved or deeply disturbed.

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