Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More "Abby Antics"

We ate at Logan's Monday night before our bi-monthly Aldi trip. I know, I know, we went out to eat! We NEVER go out to eat, unless you count the Taco Bell extra value menu, which I really don't think you can. It wasn't that much of a splurge, really. If you didn't know, Logan's has a special where you can get two meals for $12.99 and $2 kids' meals. All four of us ate for $21!

Anyway, Logan's has the buckets of peanuts sitting on your table to munch on while you wait on your server. Peanuts in their shells, in case you didn't know. As in, not yet shelled.

We get seated, and Burge starts noshing on the peanuts. Burge likes peanuts. Just thought I would throw that in. To be honest, I'm not really paying attention to Abby. I'm a bit preoccupied with keeping all eating utensils out of Grayson's hands, where they would be used as a weapon. Abby says, "I don't like these." We look over and see half of a peanut. Half of a whole unshelled peanut. Like, she bit off half the peanut in the shell and is trying to chew it.

After we had a good laugh at her expense, we explained that you need to take the peanut out of the shell before you eat it. She liked them a lot better after that.

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