Tuesday, October 7, 2008

WFMW: Aldi

Another week has passed, and its time for Works-for-Me Wednesday again. Aldi seriously works for me. In the span of 3 months, it has become my "go-to" grocery store. As in, if I can't get it at Aldi, I seriously question my true need for it. When I first left the work force, I didn't think I could justify the drive to Aldi to buy groceries on a regular basis (the nearest one is about 30 miles away.). Plus I was still riding the "name brand" bandwagon.

Then I found out they had milk for $1.99 a gallon. Yes, I said $1.99 for a GALLON OF MILK! At that time, Wal-Mart brand was going for $4.19 a gallon. That, my friend, is flippin' ridiculous! So, we started going to Aldi once a month just to get milk and staples, like flour and sugar.

Now, we hit Aldi every payday, and only go to Wal-Mart if they are out of something we desperately need. Here's why Aldi works for me...First, I'm not tempted (as much) to impulse buy. I can (and do) always find something at Wal-Mart that I just have to have, but isn't on my list. Aldi pretty much just has groceries, so I can't get a new lipstick or toy for Abby or Grayson. Second, their products are, in my opinion, better than all other generics, especially Wal-Mart brand. Especially cheese, and we can put away some cheese in this house, people. And finally,and most importantly, I can buy 2 weeks worth of groceries for half of what I would spend at Wal-Mart! That definitely works for me!

So, if you have an Aldi near you, check them out! It will definitely be worth your while.

And head on over to see what works for everyone else at Shannon's rocks in my dryer.


  1. We love Aldi's. They have great prices. I agree about the cheese. It is pretty good for the price. I was suprised that it was so good. I also like the chips and granola bars and other things.

  2. Gina!!! I am so glad you made that comment on my blog because #1 Maybe I will reconsider my pledge to never have anything in my stomach that is going to have to come out again(i.e. a baby) and #2 now I found your blog!! I can't wait to read about the family. I can't believe how big Abby and Grayson are. So if you start getting alerts about someone commenting on posts from months ago. That's me just now tuning in! :)

  3. I need to take a trip--there's one a mile from my house!


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