Monday, November 24, 2008

Back to Normal

Things are finally starting to return to normal around here. As normal as things ever get, anyway. For those that may not know, Grayson spent four days in the hospital the week before Thanksgiving. There are no words to adequately express the amount of stress that can put on a mom. He had a bout with viral pneumonia, but appears to be on the upswing now. Mind you, I have not allowed him to leave the house, sans a couple of hours on Thanksgiving, since we got home a week ago Sunday. Cautious? Yes. Overprotective? Maybe.

Bless his heart, he had to spend three of the four days he was there confined to an oxygen tent. Not fun for an active 13 month old. Not too fun for his momma either.

We, of course, had to document this fiasco for posterity...
Grayson in a hospital gown in the tent, just chilling.
Me in the tent with him. Oh, the things we'll do for our kids...
He obviously never lost his sense of humor. He gets that from me.

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