Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Ta

First post of 2009!! Woo-hoo! I took a little bloggy break over the holidays basically because Burge was off work a lot, and we've been super busy. And by super busy, I mean we've been playing a lot of Wii and DS.

Anyway, for some reason I was thinking this past week about my first car. And I thought I should blog about that. Because that is my first thought about a lot of things these days. You know, everyone has a story about their first car. I have several...

(Not a picture of my car, mine was so not this nice, but in case you needed a visual.)

My first car was a 1990 Chevy Beretta, white with a blue pinstripe and blue interior. Let me just start by saying, apparently the Beretta was Chevrolet's version of a Yugo. Really, they should have paid me to drive it. Anyone out there drove a Beretta? Then you know what I mean. Not particularly well made. We should have gotten a clue when my dad ran out of gas bringing it home because the gas gauge was broken. And, no, we didn't get it fixed. I just knew when I hit half a tank, I had better be finding a gas station, because you could literally watch the gas gauge go from half a tank to empty.

The headliner would not stay up (and I tried some pretty creative ideas), so if I rode with the windows down, it flapped in the wind. At some point, the driver's side door wouldn't unlock from the outside, so I had to unlock the passenger door and either crawl over or lean over and unlock the driver's side from the inside. The "Beret" from the word "Beretta" fell of one side, so it just said "ta". That became it's loving nickname in high school. "The Ta". Sweet.

One Sunday morning, I was filling the Ta up with gas before church, because the gas gauge read half a tank. I cruised into the gas station and turned off the engine. And the radio was still playing. Now this was not one of the cars whose radio stays on until you open the door. Yugo, remember? Weird, I thought. I pulled the key out of the ignition and got out of the car. It was at that point that I realized that the car was still running. And I was holding the key in my hand, standing outside the car. There happened to be a nice man on the other side of the pumps that I asked for help. His response, "I've never seen anything quite like that. My advice to you is to get back in there and drive it back home." So that's what I did. The battery had to be disconnected to shut it off, and it had to be towed. From my driveway. That made for some fodder at my high school.

Then, during freshman year in college, I was sitting in my dorm one Sunday night, when someone stuck their head in my door to tell me that my car alarm was going off. Hey, thanks! No, wait...I don't have a car alarm. Again, think Yugo. No, it was just my horn blowing incessantly. With no one in the car.

Yep, I could go on and on. The Ta was a piece of work. It was sold my sophomore year in college to be replaced by an Oldsmobile Cutlass, later nicknamed the Tank. Chevrolet quit making Berettas (anyone want to guess why? Anyone?) But I still hold a special place in my my heart for the Ta. If he could talk, oh the stories he could tell. And he would say he was a piece of crap.


  1. Ah...the memories. I remember the horn going off. I also remember the Ta taking us out many nights in Marion. Thanks for the blast from the past.

  2. O my. Great car stories are fabulous. My car alarm used to go off whenever it got extremely hot, below freezing or really windy. It was a tempermental car.

  3. Haha this brings back memories. My first car was $50 and the headliner fell down all the time when I was driving and we called her the Brown Bomb. I miss her! lol We used to pack 15 people in that thing in highschool!

  4. LOL!!! This is great...remember mine? the Landbarge??? Oh, it was too lovely! :D


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