Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This is American Idol...

So, I never intended to review television shows on here. There are other blogs out there (BooMama, I'm talking about you) who do that, and do a much better job than I could ever do. But, well, I haven't been posting much lately, and since my life right now pretty much consists of wiping snotty noses and watching reality TV, I can't help myself. And there's also the fact that from January until May, American Idol consumes me. Y'all, I get into it. I realize that it's not healthy. And frankly, I'm a bit ashamed to be admitting it to the entire world wide web, but there you go.

Last night was the first live performance. And on a side note, it was quite obvious it was the first live show. Fox, you've been doing this for 8 seasons now, have you not worked out the kinks yet? And by the way, someone tell Kara that there is no need to lean into the mic and YELL, it's not necessary.

I'm not really sure what happens between the first audition and the first live show, but people who could sing (and I mean, sing, people) at their first audition , suck on the first live show (Stevie, honey, I'm talking to you). It happens every year.

I'll just hit the highlights, because first of all, you can read a great recap here, and second of all, I'm writing this Wednesday morning, and I can't remember everything that happened last night.

Jackie, oh Jackie, was apparently channeling her inner Olivia Newton-John, circa early 80's. Dude, those pants were bad. 'Nuff said.

Alexis Grace will go through as the girl for the night, but not because she hit it out of the park. All the other girls were just that bad. Although, it pains me, and I mean, pains me, that Tatiana did not stink as bad as she could have. She sang Whitney, which is always a no-no, but I'm sure that her healthy (ahem!) self-confidence told her she could pull it off. I just don't like her, and I'm sure I'm not alone. On another side note, when has the Police been added to the "untouchable" category?? Whitney, Mariah, even MJ, I can see. But, Sting? Come on, people, let's keep it real.

As far as the guys go, I don't remember Guy#2's name (which I think says something about his chances of going through...), but he sang good (how's that for proper grammar??). Anoop speaks to my inner nerd. I like him, and he has a really good voice. Apparently he's got quite a following from his a cappella college days on YouTube (I don't know for sure...I don't have that much free time.) Anyway, he's good, as is Michael Sarver. I'm not sure if I liked Michael singing Gavin DeGraw. Okay, I'm quite sure I didn't like him singing Gavin DeGraw, but I like Michael. After all, he has one of the 5 most dangerous jobs in the US. Not that I'm that up-to-date on the most dangerous jobs in the US, he just mentioned it a lot in the auditions.

By far, the standout of the evening was Danny Gokey. He is my favorite, hands down. I will admit I was a little concerned when Julie tweeted that he was singing "Hero", because really, has anyone sang that particular song on eight seasons of AI and gotten favorable comments from the judges? But I should not have doubted. Dude, he could sing the phone book. He looks like Robert Downey Jr, and he can nail Mariah Carey. Now that, my friends, is a recipe for success if ever there was one. He will be the guy going though to the top 12. I think Anoop and Michael will be fighting it out for spot #3.

So, what were your favorite moments from American Idol last night? You did watch, didn't you??


  1. Are they taking 3 guys and 3 girls or just 3 total? Danny made Hero his own last night. I loved it. I like Anoopi and Michael as well. The girls just aren't doing it for me. I hope there are better ones in one of the other groups.

  2. The way I understood it, they're taking the top guy, the top girl and the next highest vote-getter. Clear as mud?

  3. I did not watch it since we have marriage counseling on most Tuesday nights but I have seen a few episodes so far and like you, CANNOT STAND Tatiana. I can't believe she got through to this far.

  4. OK...I get top guy and top girl and then one more but that still only makes 9. Where do the other 3 come from?


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