Wednesday, March 25, 2009

American Idol, Top 10

This one shall be named "The Night of Songs from The Big Chill Soundtrack". I love me some Motown night! Mainly because I love me some Big Chill soundtrack. Basically because I love me some Big Chill (the BEST movie of all time. Word.) I mean, you have to work hard to find a bad Motown song. Mind you, there were a couple tonight that apparently worked really, really hard this week.

Oh Sweet Lord, Matt Giraud is singing "Let's Get It On". I got a text in the middle of choir practice warning me that he was good. Fortunately, she did not mention what song he was singing, because that might have sparked some inappropriate thoughts for choir practice. Ahem. While I was slightly distracted by his light wash jeans (which apparently Paula noticed as well), I can totally overlook that cause He. Was. Awesome. (Why, yes, we did watch Bolt this weekend...)

Kris Allen was behind the guitar again, as it should be, on "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You". Is it just me or are the back-up singers a little off? He don't need no stinkin' back-up singers. He's just that good. What a last note! Awe-some.

Paula is drunk, mark my words...

Is Scott MacIntyre wearing pink pants? Okay, who helped him with his outfit? Did they think that was funny? While he can certainly play the piano, I'm just not feeling "You Can't Hurry Love" from him, and it has nothing to with the pink pants. Mostly. And seriously, the back-up singers are crawling all over my nerves tonight.

Are the Idol producers making all the mentors have their teeth whitened before they allow them on the show? It was Randy Travis' blindingly white teeth last week, and Smokey Robinson's could glow in the dark this week, I think.

Smokey Robinson just referred to Megan Corkrey ( I refuse to recognize the last name drop) as cabaret. That is not a good thing. And I think we can all see why. The song, it was bad. I mean, bad. I have never even heard this song before. And oh, how I hate that stupid dance move! Can we please send her home this week? Put us out of our misery. Please.

Anoop, fire the back-up singers. And while you're at it, you might want to let your stylist go as well. Seriously, what is up with that jacket? "Baby, Baby" was not your best performance, but I still heart you.

Have I mentioned that Paula is drunk? Cause she is. Totally. And Randy's aqua sweater? It is blinding me.

I so don't want Michael Sarver to ruin "Ain't Too Proud To Beg" for me. Alas, those prayers went unanswered. I knew that plane was going down in flames when he said he was putting a gospel swing to it. And apparently his gospel influence is Michael English, because that is who he was channeling tonight. Anyone else feeling that? Just me? It was not good. And why must he talk back to the judges every single week?

Did Lil Rounds think that it was a requirement that she dress the part tonight? The wig is freaking me out a wee bit. And, honestly, I didn't care much for her performance. Maybe it was just me... I did not like it. And Paula is drunk.

I'm going to try to put aside my dislike for Adam, because I love "Tracks of My Tears". But honestly, his hair is weird. Dapper Dan, anyone? Vocally, it is not the worst of the night. And by the way, thank you for no weird Middle-Eastern arrangements. Clearly, Kara cannot count because "one of the best performances of the night" is eight words, not six. The judges, they stink.

Danny Gokey is AWESOME! And he didn't look weird. At all. 'Nuff said.

Paula is wearing a tutu, while drunk. Nice.

Allison is doing a Shaft version of "Papa Was a Rolling Stone". For that reason alone, I like it. That girl can SANG! She. Was. Awesome (Have you seen Bolt yet?) She totally redeemed herself tonight. Kara might be drunk too. Paula is definitely drunk. Usually, you have to wait until the drunk person passes out before you can draw on their face. Paula let Simon draw a mustache on her face while she was not only awake, but on live, national television. She is so drunk.

My picks to be leaving this week are Michael or Megan, mainly because I can't pick Paula or Kara. And I figure, if I pick Megan every week, eventually she will go home. Please let it be this week. Please.


  1. You are hilarious. I googled Michael Sarver/Michael English because I hear ME every time MS sings.
    And Matt singing Let's Get It On made me blush.

  2. Oh, and i meant to say that when I googled those things, I got your blog, and I am happy that I found it!


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