Tuesday, March 17, 2009

American Idol, Top 11

This one will be dubbed "Great, Let's Get Country Night Out of the Way Early On." I dread country night every season because, basically, I have great disdain for country music. I realize that is like blasphemy since I was born and bred in the South, just 30 miles from the home of the legendary Alabama. But there you have it, I hate country music. I will try to be objective...

This should have been Michael Sarver's night. But, alas, he went first and was not all that. When the best thing the judges can say about you is that you remembered all the words, rest assured, it was not a stellar performance.

I have no idea what Allison Iraheta sang because I spent the entire time wondering how she found a jacket and accessories that were the exact same color as her hair. Impressive!

My first thought when Kris Allen started singing was, "Hey, that's not a country song. That's Bob Dylan!" So, of course, I liked it. In all fairness, he did a really good job on "Make You Feel My Love", even without his guitar. And, thankfully, there was no dancing.

Random thought: Randy Travis has the whitest teeth I have ever seen. I bet they aren't really his. He's no spring chicken. And what is up with his wife's hair? I don't think it's really hers. I see a theme here...

Did anyone else feel the end of the world was imminent when Adam Lambert and Randy Travis inhabited the same room? And then the middle eastern version of "Ring of Fire" started, and I thought, yes, indeed, Armageddon is upon us. Have I mentioned that he creeps me out a little? Cause he does.

This is the first night where I was really impressed with Scott MacIntyre's performance. I not only forgot that it was a country song, but for a moment, I forgot that he looks a lot like the Greatest American Hero.

I love me some Danny Gokey. That said, if I never hear "Jesus, Take the Wheel" again, it will be too soon. Nevertheless, I love me some Danny Gokey. And his cool glasses and snazzy white jacket.

Another random thought: Wow, Paula's cleavage is really out there tonight. It might be a ploy to distract people from her complete incoherence. Just a thought...

Anoop, Anoop, thank you for saving country night for me. In the way Chris Daughtry brought it with "Walk the Line" on his season, you brought it tonight with "You Were Always on My Mind". I'll even forgive you for allowing the steel guitar in the arrangement. I heart you, Anoop. I can't explain it, but I do.

Why is Megan Corkrey now just referred to as Megan Joy? Another ploy to distract me from that awkward dance that she insists upon doing every week.

I will admit that I have never heard the Carrie Underwood version of "So Small", because people, I don't listen to country music. But, I like Matt Giraud's version. A LOT. Heck, I like Matt Giraud. A LOT.

While I think Michael Sarver was the weakest performance tonight, it would just be wrong for him to go home on country night. I think we'll lose another girl because they're just not on the same level as the guys this season. It should be Megan, for obvious reasons, but it probably won't. The judges made sure she got her share of sympathy votes by continually reiterating that she was sick. I think it'll come down to Allison and Alexis because Lil ain't going anywhere.

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