Tuesday, March 10, 2009

American Idol, Top 13

And this one shall now be known as "The One Where We Proved White Boys Can't Dance"

Last night was Michael Jackson night, and I cannot express the joy that filled my heart when I heard that. There are few artists that can bring about such brilliance and shame all at the same time as MJ. I was all a-tingle with the possibility of moonwalks and inappropriate crotch-grabbing. There were opportunities for career making moments and career breaking moments, and it was television gold.

Alas, there was no moonwalking or crotch-grabbing. I left feeling a little jipped. Jacko is synonomous with moonwalking and crotch-grabbing. Okay, this is taking a vaguely inappropriate turn here. So, I'm moving on.

The good...

Kris Allen did a bang-up job on "Do You Remember the Time?". I'm now glad he made it through. However, dude don't need to dance. Granted, he was behind a guitar so that might have hampered his moves. But, somehow, I don't think so.

Of all the contestants this season, Adam Lambert is the one most cut out to sing Michael Jackson. And he brought it with "Black & White". But I gotta say, there is something about him that makes me think Spinal Tap. It might be the way that he feels he must scream in every song. I don't know. Just saying...

"Human Nature" is one of my favorite MJ songs, and Matt Giraud did not disappoint. Loved it! Even though I got mad last week when I thought he made it in over Anoop (whom I will address momentarily), I'm completely over that now, which I'm sure has helped Matt sleep through the night.

I have made it no mystery that Danny Gokey is THE MAN. He rocked it with "PYT". A-Maz-Ing! And yes, I'm ignoring the fact that he was totally the inspiration for the subtitle of this episode.

Alexis Grace closed the show with "Dirty Diana", and it was a show-stopper. She is slightly disconcerting to me. But totally in a good way. She is this teeny little thing with this huge voice. I liked it. Sue me.

The bad...

While I thought Lil Rounds did a decent job on "The Way You Make Me Feel", who helped her with her outfit? Seriously, girlfriend is from the south, why would she break the cardinal rule of fashion and wear white before Easter? And don't get me started on the ruffle shirt. What part of that outfit spoke to her and said "Wear me for Michael Jackson night"? Cause it lied. Big time.

Jorge Nunez could not have chosen a worse song than "Never Can Say Goodbye" and honestly, I think his eyebrows are going to overtake his entire face before he leaves this competition. Really.

And I stand corrected on the worse song chosen comment. Because that award clearly goes to Megan Corkrey. Rockin' Robin? Seriously? How could that have seemed like a good idea? And to actually "caw" at the end? Are you kidding me? And by the way, that white girl can't dance either. And apparently, "quirky" is now the new word for "unbelievably awful". Who knew?

Anoop, let me talk directly to you (as I'm sure you read my blog on a daily basis). You disappointed me last night. It's okay. I still believe in you. Perhaps "Beat It" wasn't the best choice for you. You could have made it better if you had moonwalked or spun around and grabbed your crotch. (Okay, okay, I'm letting the crotch-grabbing go now.) But, that's water under the bridge. Let's just try to do better next week. M'kay?

And the ugly...

Why, again, did we need a fourth judge? To take up more time in between songs? Can someone explain this to me? Anyone?

You would have thought in a 2 hour show that Paula could come up with one coherent comment. But, no. Not a single coherent thought. And what was up with those bracelets? I'm all about bringing some bling, but that was above and beyond. Way beyond.

And can the judges be any more obvious that they want the girls to stay in the competition a little longer? Honestly! Why do I think this new rule change will somehow benefit them? Veto, anyone?

So my picks of who should be packing up and going home... Jasmine Murray and Jorge Nunez. That's who I feel should go. If the new "rule" comes into play, Jasmine Murray will be safe, and we'll see 2 guys going.

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  1. I'm with you about the moon walking ans crotch grabbing..LOL.. I also can't take looking or listening to Jorge, hope he leaves tonight.. can't wait to read the next post. Tramba


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