Tuesday, March 3, 2009

American Idol, Top 36, Round 3

And this one could be dubbed "The One with the People I Thought I Didn't Like, and What Do You Know? I Really Can't Stand Them".

Topping that list would have to be Nathaniel Marshall. I didn't like his first audition. I couldn't stand him during Hollywood week (Hello, "The Anchor Holds"? Ray Boltz? That anchor ain't holding anymore...), and I disliked him even more last night. If that's possible, which I'm not entirely sure it is. I was actually glad to hear that he was singing Meatloaf, because guess what? I don't like Meatloaf either! Paula actually had her first (and maybe only) relevant comment of the season when she compared Nate to Boy George. And that is NOT a compliment.

Next up on my list of people that I thought I didn't like, but then realized that I couldn't stand was Kristin McNamara. Probably a lot of my distaste for her is by association since she was in the same group with Nate "Boy George" Marshall during the group round. But then she whipped out a big band version of Tracy Chapman's "Give Me One Reason", and I disliked her completely for her. Tracy Chapman and big band, they don't mix.

My dislike for Jorge Nunez originated with his scarf wearing during Hollywood week. Last night, it was his eyebrows. I swear it was like two caterpillars attached to his face. Shallow? Perhaps, but that's how I roll. It really had nothing to do with his singing because I actually thought he did a pretty good job with Elton John's "Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me". But I just can't get past those eyebrows. But I do like saying Jorge over and over again. Jorge. Say it with me. Jorge. If we have another kid and its a boy, I might totally name him Jorge. Or not.

I'm not a total hater...there were a few that I did like. I loved Ju'Not Joyner! Loved him. Loved the way he sang "Hey There, Delilah". Loved that he didn't bring his son because he might "touch something". Loved that he made a joke about getting a shot in his butt on national television. Loved him. Yeah...

I wanted to like Scott MacIntyre. I love me some Bruce Hornsby and the Range. I love me some "Mandolin Rain". I thought it was a great song choice. I seriously think every season that someone ought to sing that song. So, yay for him for bringing it! However, I really didn't think he did a great job on it. And, I really don't think that will matter.

Lil Rounds was capital A - Awesome. She did sound a lot like Mary J. Blige, but then few people can claim that. Plus she has three kids. And she has a booty, and she ain't afraid to flaunt it. Cause in case you missed it, the booty was pretty prominent last night in that dress. And as someone carrying around a bit of junk in her own trunk, I can appreciate that.

Lil Rounds will take the girl's spot, and Scott MacIntyre will take the guy's spot. The third spot? I have no clue, but it's a pretty safe bet that I won't like them. Unless it's Ju'Not, and I love him...


  1. Gina, you crack me up...I love to come by and read your posts...keep up the good work..Tramba

  2. I, too, hope that Nate Marshall does not make it.

    I also love Mandolin Rain, but they should have let him play his piano with it.

  3. I actually liked more of them last night than I did any other night. Scott has been one of my favorites from day one. I don't think his voice is as good as some of the others but you want to root for him because he is likeable. Lil was fantastic but I also like Kendall Beard because she is from Austin. Didn't really like her song though. I suspect that last night's choice will be the hardest and many of the wild cards will come from that group.


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