Tuesday, March 31, 2009

American Idol, Top 9

This one will be dubbed "The One Where I Was Distracted by Strange Outfits". Apparently I don't understand the strange fashions of today. And let me add, I don't think I want to.

Anoop clearly did not listen to my advice last week. The stylist did not do him any favors again this week. Is it cool to wear a necklace on your shoulder? I don't know, maybe I'm out of touch. Okay, I am most definitely out of touch, but I still don't think it's cool to wear a necklace on your shoulder. Anyway, I digress. He sang an Usher song that I had never heard of (refer to the "out of touch" comment above), and I thought he sounded okay. He might be in trouble, going first. I still heart him.

Megan Corkrey (still ignoring the last name drop) sang a Bob Marley song, "Turn Your Lights Down Low". Here's a tip: It is really never a good idea to sing a Bob Marley song on American Idol. American Idol is just not cut out for Bob Marley. Ask Jason Castro from last year... But hey, she says her peeps like it. I think she better hope her peeps vote for her. Maybe she can bribe them with all that bling she was wearing around her neck.

Danny Gokey. Gives. Me. Chills. While "What Hurts the Most" falls into that category of songs that I never want to hear again, he can sing it anytime. He almost made me forget that that song has been run into the ground so far that it's in China by now. He's just that good.

It bothered me immensely that the rose in Allison Iraheta's hair clashed with her haircolor. And were those blue cupcakes in her hair as well? Wait, what did she sing again? I got completely distracted by the whole early 80's Madonna ensemble. Oh, yeah, she sang No Doubt's "Don't Speak". I liked it. I didn't love it , and I'm not sure she ever even played a chord on the "axe" as Paula called it. But, whatever.

Scott MacIntyre strangely resembled Danny Zuko tonight. It's a little freaky watching Danny Zuko sing Billy Joel's "Just the Way You Are". I kept expecting him to jump up and break into "Greased Lightning". Maybe it was just me...

I am digging Matt Giraud's Member's Only jacket. Basically, I am digging Matt Giraud. I love me some Fray. And I love me some Matt Giraud doing the Fray with a keyboard in the middle of the audience. The judges did not like it. Simon actually said it wasn't a good commercial song. Pardon me, but was that song not a huge commercial hit? Huh. I don't get it.

Lil Rounds is back with the booty this week. I like that she's owning the booty. I again this week didn't like her performance. But, oh my gosh, her kids are too cute! She's got me with the kids and the booty. I can relate. Yo.

Can I throw in that I am so relieved that Paula did not pull anything out of her dress and that her cleavage remained fully intact tonight? Thank goodness for small miracles...

Robby Rotten has returned in the form of Adam Lambert again. What is up with that hair? And I think he had on full-on bell bottoms. Move out of the way as lightning strikes...but I actually liked his version of "Play That Funky Music." Right up until he let loose with that Spinal Tap scream at the end. Incidently, someone should tell Kara that it's Studio 54, not Studio 57. Not so good with the numbers, that Kara.

So, Kris said he wanted to have a moment tonight with "Ain't No Sunshine". And I gotta tell ya, Kris and I had a moment tonight. It. Was. Amazing. Seriously, best performance of the night. And it does pain me a little to say that, given my total devotion to Da Man, Danny Gokey. But, there you go.

The bottom three will probably be Anoop (I still heart you!), Allison (Cyndi Lauper called and wants her outfit back), and Megan (How many ways can the judges tell you to quit doing that ignorant little dance??), with Megan heading home. Please, sweet mother of all that is good and holy, let Megan go home this week.


  1. Love your recap! I am a big fan of Danny and Kris also-Kris definitely was the best of the night. Amen to Paula's wardrobe staying intact! Between her potential "wardrobe malfunctions" and her ramblings, I'm nervous for her every week!

  2. GREAT POST! Visiting from BooMama, and I agree completely with you. Danny is my favorite, Kris was AWESOME last night and PLEASE send Megan home!

  3. Lovin' your recaps, G! :) This one was right on the money...woohoo! Hugs and blessings...


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