Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Tantrum

I experienced something this weekend I have never in 31 years of life and 5 years of parenthood experienced before: the public temper tantrum. I have no idea what brought it on or what stopped it, for that matter.

We (meaning my mom and I and both kids) went to the outlets in Boaz. She and Abby went in one direction to buy fake flowers (Don't ask , just don't ask), and Grayson and I went in the other direction to look for shoes. Grayson is in some desperate need for shoes. And honestly, the shoe store ought to be a happy place for him since his favorite pastime is going into my closet and dragging out my shoes. Maybe it was overwhelming for him to be in the presence of that many shoes. Who knows?

We get in there, and he is in his stroller and seems okay. I try a pair of shoes on him, and then get him out of the stroller, which was my first mistake, to see if he can walk in them. Because that is how I see if a shoe fits. If it goes on the foot and you are able to run in it without tripping over them, it fits. Not scientific, but it works. The problem started when I went to put him back in the stroller. That was a no go. Okay, fine. He can walk. He cannot, however, push the stroller into the racks of shoes with enough force to knock them over. That's when the tears started to roll. And the screaming began. I didn't know what to do. I broke out in a sweat. My mind raced back to all the episodes of Supernanny I'd seen as I tried to think about what Jo would do. I'm pretty sure it would involve getting down on his level and explaining why pitching a fit in the shoe store was not acceptable. I'm pretty sure it would not involve jerking the child up and running out of the store, dragging the stroller behind you. Alas, I chose option B, because really, how do you reason with a hysterical 17 month old?

He did eventually get calmed down enough for us to go back and get him a sweet pair of New Balance shoes. And just to clarify, he has not acted like that before, nor has he since. It may forever be a mystery as to what caused this sweet, loving little boy...
to turn into a maniacal, devil-child. I just hope it never happens again. Or at least happens when Supernanny is around somewhere to advise me.

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