Tuesday, April 14, 2009

American Idol, Top 7

This one is titled "Seriously, Quentin Tarrentino as a Mentor?? When Did They Start Allowing Blood and Guts on American Idol?" Does Quentin Tarrentino have any qualifications to be a mentor on a singing show? Yeah, I didn't think so. I know as much about music and singing as he does, and let me clarify, that is not a lot. Now, if there is ever a contest about blood and guts, and they need a mentor, Quentin is their man.

I don't think there has been a movie theme night where someone did not sing Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing". Tonight was no exception. Going first is never easy, and the votes usually reflect that. That aside, Allison did a pretty good job with it. I still like her voice. I still question her fashion sense. I still think she's on the edge, and not in a good way. Simon said she was the girls' only chance to win it, and while that might not be impossible, it is a bit far-fetched. This is most definitely the guys' season.

I love Bryan Adams. I don't particularly care for "(Everything I Do) I Do For You", if only for the fact that every wedding I attended in the early 90's had this song somehow integrated in it. It conjures up images of big hair, big shoulder pads and big white bows on the butt of big white dresses. *shudder* That being said, I totally loved Anoop doing it. I liked it so much, I didn't even pay attention to what he had on, so I can't make fun of it. Darn! Maybe I need to rewind...

Of course, Adam is doing a song from Easy Rider. And of course, it's "Born to be Wild". Really, can anyone think of a better song for him? Here's the deal with me and Adam...I readily admit the boy can sing. Whole-heartedly. And yes, he has a freakishly unnatural range. And the freakiness frightens me just a bit. But here's the thing...I just don't like him. For whatever reason (like the screeching that is dangerously close to being only audible by dogs), he just does not float my boat. Now, can he be successful without my support? I'm pretty sure that's a yes. My opinion and a nickel will net you 5 cents, after all.

Have I mentioned that I love Bryan Adams? Maybe there should be a Bryan Adams night! American Idol should take note of that. Anyhoo, Matt Girard sang "Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?" from Don Juan DeMarco. Great song from a great movie. Matt, however, did not have a great night. It was not his finest hour, or 2 minutes as the case may be. And that pains me, because I really like Matt Girard and his Justin Timberlake-Michael Buble vibe.

Danny Gokey did not have his glasses on tonight, which threw me off. Especially because he had on some really cool ones during his intro. But he did have on a snazzy Miami Vice blazer and white shoes. Very Easter-ish, only without a bonnet. Thankfully. He sang "Endless Love". The verse was not so good; the chorus was very good. I love Danny Gokey. End of story.

What was the little dance Randy was doing with Simon when they came back from the break? Apparently, his colorful blue sweater was making him a little sassy tonight...

Oh my word, I loved Kris Allen tonight! He sang "Falling Slowly", and I thought it was the best performance of the night. Randy did not like it, but I think he might not could hear over his loud sweater. I'm just saying...

No, say it ain't so! Lil Rounds is not singing "The Rose". Y'all, it is not an exaggeration in the least that I want to gouge my eyes out when I hear this song. I mean, it makes my ears bleed, which I'm sure Quentin would like. I love the movie Beaches, but I hate this song. **Edited -Okay, so it was pointed out to me (nit picky as it was) that "The Rose" was not from Beaches, but rather The Rose. So, I'm not up on my Bette Midler movies. Is that really a bad thing? Now, I have no reason to even try to like this song. ** I don't think there are words strong enough (at least, not in my vocabulary) that can adequately express my dislike for this song. And honestly, when I heard those first notes, I had to go to my happy place. So, basically, Lil could have come out and sang the heck out it, and I would have hated it. I don't think she did though, and she might be in trouble.

I'm going with Lil, Matt and Allison in the bottom three, with either Matt or Lil going home this week. I gotta say I hope it's Lil...


  1. I totally agree! Falling Slowly was definately the best performance of the night! My pic is Lil for this week!! This is Andi by the way! I couldnt figure out how to put my name!

  2. I would prefer it if either Anoop or Allison would go home.

  3. I just have to be nit picky and point out that The Rose isn't from Beaches (that annoying song was Wind Beneath my Wings) but from the movie, The Rose. I think they should just skip the drama and go ahead and name Danny and Adam the final 2.

  4. @MavsMom Edited to reflect above nit picky change. I will refrain from making any comment on your knowledge of Bette Midler movies. ;)

  5. Great recap! I'm with you on The Rose. Who is advising her? And Adam just scares me.

  6. HI! I stumbled onto your blog from Big Mama and clicked on you cause we share the same name. We also share the same take on the American Idol performances this week. I'll have to stop by again sometime!

  7. Gina, Gina, Gina. You're killin' me, girl. I love ya, but WTH is up with you not loving Adam?? I think I just had a minor heart attack. I don't know if we can continue our friendship. I'll have to think about it.


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