Thursday, April 16, 2009


I thought about posting about Easter on Easter, but why throw everyone off by doing things in a timely manner? That's just so not me. So, it's now Thursday after Easter, and sufficient time has passed for me to write about it.

The kids got to hunt eggs Saturday at a small egg hunt at the local Methodist church (yeah, we crossed the line....the Baptists hunting eggs with the Methodists...breaking down walls, it's what Easter is all about, peeps.) I should clarify, Abby hunted eggs and Grayson wandered around and climbed on things, occasionally picking up an egg. And God bless my tender-hearted little Abby, she kept giving her eggs to the other kids because she said she wanted to make sure everyone had some eggs. Yep, she makes her momma proud!
Here is Grayson actually picking up an egg...
However, I couldn't convince him to actually place one in the basket...
Abby was far more concerned with giving out her eggs than finding the most. Not a competitive girl, that Abby.
And, I must say, that makes me pretty happy. She was very content with what she had.
And here they are, ready for church Easter morning. I had to forgo the outdoor pictures since Grayson had a white outfit. Silly me, I actually wanted it to still be white when we got to church. And yes, I know it was fifty degrees outside and he is wearing shorts and sandals. One year, I'm going to get long-sleeved Easter outfits. And that, I'm sure, will be the year that it's 80 degrees on Easter.

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  1. LOL. I love your writing style and the kids are adorable


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