Saturday, April 18, 2009

Football = Confusion

Burge went to A-Day today to watch Alabama scrimmage. Abby and I watched it on ESPN. Abby only asked where Burge was at in the stadium 15 times. I was impressed. After the game, we went to pick up some supper and on the way home, this conversation ensued...

Abby: "When will the football game be over?"

Me: "It is over, baby."

Abby: "Is it over at home or where Daddy is?"

Me: "Both, it was the same game."

Abby: "Was Daddy playing in the game or just watching it?"

Me: "He was just watching."

Long pause...

Abby: "I don't get football, Mommy."

Me: "Most women don't, baby."

I'm glad she's learned that lesson young.


  1. Send Abby over here so I can teach her about football :-)

  2. LOL - too funny!! My two year old likes it a lot better than I do. . .my hubby almost took her to the game yesterday, but the threats of rain made him decide to take her to the McWane Center instead. He was quite disappointed when it was such a beautiful and clear day. . . oh well. There's always the fall.


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