Tuesday, May 5, 2009

American Idol, Top 4

Tonight's show will be called "The One Where Everything Fell Apart...Literally". So, yeah. The stage fell apart, there was no dress rehearsal and they're singing duets. I kinda felt like the whole show was a bit disjointed. Anywho...

I am always in much anticipation of rock night. For me, it does not get any better than rock night. Until you introduce Slash as the mentor. Then you've reached a whole new level. Now, mind you, I have no idea what kind of critique Slash might offer because I've never heard him say a complete sentence. But that's all right. All he needs to do is bust through the door and start playing the guitar solo from November Rain while wearing chaps and standing in front of a church and it'll be okay. Slash, for me, is what good guitar-driven rock is all about. I'm not really sure what that has to do with American Idol. I got sidetracked in all of Slash's rock goodness. We'll move on now...

Adam Lambert started the show out with "Whole Lotta Love" and I hated it from the first note. I'll commend his stage presence. He can flat take control of a stage, but I did not like him doing Led Zeppelin. And what was that weird twich he kept doing? Did he develop some kind of strange tick over the last week? Plain and simply, Adam just makes me feel dirty and not in a good way. I feel like I should shower every time I hear him sing, but unfortunately, that's just not something you can wash off.

A Janis Joplin tune was a perfect choice for Allison. Allison and I finely got on the same page tonight with "Cry, Baby". She looked good. It all fit, yet the judges didn't like it. What? Allison totally won me over by correcting Simon on the Queen/ Jefferson Airplane thing. Seriously, who could possibly think Queen's "Somebody to Love" would be a better choice for her? Well, someone who could mistake Jefferson Airplane for Queen, that's who.

In a new twist for this season (because really, there hasn't been enough of those and they've all been colossal successes, right?), contestants were paired up to sing duets. Kris and Danny chose "Renegade". If there is one rock song I cannot stand it's Stix' "Renegade". I hate that song. With a passion. And I honestly didn't think I was going to like this when it started. I didn't like it when it started. But then the tempo picked up and Danny let loose and I started to forget that I hate this song. Danny has that effect on me.

Kris sang the Beatles' "Come Together". Tough song because Carly Smithson owned it last year. I liked it, and I loved when Kris said he almost wet his pants when Slash handed him his guitar.
I think Kara is deaf. Seriously. And why can they not keep her from being shiny? Honestly, there is some good make-up out there these days. She should look into it.

I got 4 words for Danny Gokey: No guts, no glory. "Dream On" could have been a train wreck. As it stands, I thought it was only a mild fender-bender. I think the lack of dress rehearsal hurt him the most. And that last note, it could've been a lot worse. I've heard a lot worse. Straight up, Kara is an idiot. Does she really work in the music industry? "Crazy" and "Cryin'" are not early Aerosmith. "Dream On" is early Aerosmith. Check your discography. I think there has not been a show where she has not said something ignorant. She's turned into Paula.

I kinda feel sorry for Allison having to share a stage with Adam and his striped pants. Somehow, I don't think he's used to sharing the spotlight. However, "Slow Ride" was a good choice for them. And for the most part, Allison held her own. I'm going to jump on the conspiracy theory bandwagon and say that I find it a bit odd that they opened the show and closed it.

I think it should be Allison's turn to go home, but this was such a weird show, I just don't know. I really felt like the judges were trying to sway the votes in favor of Allison and Adam. Funny, but not funny as in ha-ha, funny as in weird.


  1. As much as I love American Idol...I did not enjoy tonight's show at all....

  2. I think Danny and Adam's striped pants both need to go after tonight's performance. :)

  3. "In a new twist for this season (because really, there hasn't been enough of those and they've all been colossal successes, right?)"

    I miss the simpler days of Idol...too many twists!

  4. I'm hoping for reverse psychology to take effect with Kris' fans voting. I hope they come out in droves.

  5. Adam.... dirty.... Excuse me, did you say something?

  6. Wow. There were multiple things in this post that I suspected that night, and you confirmed them. I wholeheartedly agree.

    And, although I respect Adam and think he's an awesome artist, I get that same icky feeling.

  7. (p.s. - yes I realize I'm a week behind on my google reader. Oops.)


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