Wednesday, May 27, 2009

An Epic Fail

Burge has been off several days the past few weeks. That's what happens when you get three weeks vacation time, and you wait until your year-end to take the majority of it. We've gotten some much needed stuff done around the house and gotten to do some family stuff. Yesterday was one of those days.

We headed out yesterday morning to Scottsboro to Unclaimed Baggage. Now I've lived in Northeast Alabama most of my life, but I've never been to Unclaimed Baggage. It might have something to do with this, what Scottsboro is famous for that has absolutely nothing to do with Unclaimed Baggage. After checking out the store on its website and reading how people all over the US come to Scottsboro to visit Unclaimed Baggage, I was pumped.

Burge and I were thinking that we would probably leave disappointed, because there would be so much awesome stuff that we wouldn't be able to purchase all that we wanted. We were disappointed all right, but not for that reason. We left with nothing. Zip. Nada.

Let me say, as we were discussing this little excursion, I was thinking that a whole store filled with the contents of luggage that the airlines had lost might not be a stunning recommendation for the airlines' competency. However when the luggage was obviously lost somewhere near 1983, the blow is softened a bit. I have never seen so many pleats in all my life. And just a note to whomever prices the items at Unclaimed Baggage: Even if the item still has tags on it that read $60, if it was obviously first sold over 2 decades ago, you cannot sell it today for $40. I don't care who the designer is.

And as a public service announcement, these items are not cleaned before they are put out. I had gone through several racks of acid washed jeans when Burge came back from the men's department. He said he had found a couple of pairs of athletic shoes that he liked only to find out that they were $60 a piece. And then the blow that sent me digging for the antibacterial hand gel, "And they still had grass in the treads." Eeeewww! I am not opposed to wearing clothes once worn by someone else; I just want them to have a go or two in the washing machine first. And let me say, I openly cringed when I saw all the people fawning over the swimsuits.

So, in review, we drove an hour, bought nothing, drove back to Fort Payne, ate lunch and went to Big Lots. Fun times!


  1. I've always been curious about going there - thanks for the heads up!

    btw - my husband would die to know you ate lunch in Fort Payne if you didn't eat at Wing Stop - we used to have them in Bham and they were one of our favorites. Then they closed. So now anytime we go to Atlanta or through Fort Payne or anywhere else on earth that has a Wing Stop, that's where we eat.

    And, truth be told, it's worth it.

  2. I wish I'd read this a few years ago...BEFORE we made the trip to that ridiculous Mecca O' Junk.

    Love your background, by the way!


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