Monday, June 1, 2009

Baptism - Abby's Way

This past Sunday, Abby's BFF's sister was baptized at our church. I immediately thought, "Oh, teaching moment!" Now, before you think I'm all high and mighty, "teaching moment" is not generally my first thought. Usually, I yell and then I think, "Yeah, that would have been a good teaching opportunity." Oh, well. Parenting is a learning experience too.

Anyway, I did think it might open up some communication about baptism and its meaning if Abby actually saw a baptism. So, she got to go to "big church" Sunday morning, as opposed to staying in the preschool department during the worship service. And she did ask some questions, which I answered to the best of my ability.

And the experience has obviously stuck with her. So far this week, she has baptized all the Little People in the house. Animals included. Perhaps my explanation left out a few things...


  1. I've always thought those Little People cows seemed repentant. Too cute!

  2. LOL - cute!

    Ali got on a "baptizing" kick from her Bible. I specifically remember one time in the ladies' underwear section of Macy's, she ran over to me and yelled, "I'm Baptizing you, Mommy!!".

    Of course, since she had only seen still illustrations and not an actual acting out of what baptizing was, I have NO idea what she thought she was accomplishing.

  3. That's hilarious. Do you have pictures of the Little People's baptism? They would be priceless.


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