Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer Fun...or not

After an unusually cool day yesterday, today the June heat kicked back in. So, I thought it was the perfect day to get the kid's new sprinkler out. I had found this really cute sprinkler several months back at a local discount store. It's a huge plastic mat that's shaped like a turtle. You plug the water hose into it, it fills up with water and the water sprays up from the edges of the turtle.

The kids loved it! Abby was running through it, getting soaked. Grayson was a bit apprehensive at first, probably because the water was a wee bit chilly, but he got over it quickly. They were having a grand time! So, why don't I have pictures to show you what a great time they were having?

Once I got everyone situated in the sprinkler, I was headed in to get the camera to catch all this family fun on film. All of a sudden, there was a pop and the water spray started slowly going down. I went to check it out, and the entire bottom of the turtle had blown out! Water was gushing everywhere.

Yep, it lasted all of fifteen minutes. Perhaps the local discount store is not the best place to buy water toys. After all, what can $5 really buy you? Apparently, 15 minutes of water fun and then 2 very disappointed kids.

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