Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Boy and His Dog: A Love Story, Sort Of...

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that we've expanded our brood. And you really should follow me since I have a lot of totally useless thoughts that wind up on Twitter that don't make it here on the blog. Clearly, not a lot has made it on here lately. But anyhoo, back to our newest family member...
Introducing Sig Hanson Lane. Yes, he is named after a chain-smoking, swearing, crab boat captain from the Deadliest Catch. I did not want a dog name, like Buster or Spot, and I wanted a manly name. That is what Burge came up with. I'll have to say it fits.
Grayson was very excited that we had gotten a dog. Puppies are great! In theory, at least.
Here's the thing about puppies, they don't understand the whole "personal space" concept. And Grayson, much like his momma, appreciates his personal space. He did not like Sig trying to follow him into the playhouse. They had words. Maybe Sig understood what Grayson was saying, because heaven knows, we can't.
Sig reasoned with him, promising that he would do better. Grayson is a tough nut to crack, but...
...eventually Grayson decided to give him another chance. How could you say no to a sweet puppy dog face?
He even opened the door of his home to Sig, totally welcoming him into the family. And how does Sig treat him?
He wants to tell Grayson thank you. By giving him a big sloppy kiss. Grayson wants no part of stinky dog drool anywhere near his face. Again, the apple does not fall far from the tree.
But, Sig will not take no for an answer. There will be some gratitude displayed, dang it! I'm fairly certain that persistence is a strong character trait in labs.
Grayson even tried climbing the slide to get away from the persistent pup. But that Sig, he has a one-track mind. He will not be deterred.
And if he can't get a lick in on the face, he'll settle for a bite on the hiney. I'm not really sure what that says about his character...
Grayson eventually gave up and went in the house. Yes, Grayson may have won this battle, but rest assured, Sig is gearing up to win the war...


  1. Oh my word! It's like you took pictures at a cute contest, and it ended in a tie! That is one persistent puppy dog and one precious boy! They are going to have a lot of fun growing up together.

  2. i love it Gina! you are sooo funny! Maybe we can come over one day and let Shi play with Sig! She loves dogs, especially puppies~

  3. Sig looks like a great little playmate for your son. What a little sweetie.

  4. That is soo CUTE!!! I love lab puppies - they're the cutest!!

  5. You need to come visit my blog... Congrats!

    : )

  6. I love the dog's name! I love that show. It's something my husband and I can agree to watch together.


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