Monday, September 28, 2009

I’m a loser…

I’m a loser.  There, I said it.  I’m a big ol’ fat loser.  Not to make excuses as to why it is I have not written anything in over a month here (for the 4 of you that noticed and the 2 of you who care), but this “mommy gig” has gotten hard lately.  Abby started school, and things fell apart around here.  We had a pretty good schedule going on (and we all know how much I like schedules), and then Abby had to go and want to get all educated and our schedule got shot to you-know-where. 

And a month later, that’s still pretty much where it is.  In theory, having only one child at home during peak performance hours should make things easier.  However, not so much when the aforementioned child likes to have me in his line of sight at all times.  Not to mention I have to schedule everything around dropping Abby off and picking Abby up.  Now that I think of it, if I spent as much time being productive as I have analyzing why I am not productive, I would probably be getting more stuff done.  But then I wouldn’t have this fascinating post to write.

So anyway, last week was better.  If this week improves as much, I should be back on track in no time.  But I make no promises, because after all, I am a loser.

In other news, you might have noticed my fancy new background and header. Yeah, I did that myself. Not that I’m bragging or anything, because let’s face it, it’s not that great.  But it was my first attempt, so be prepared to see more changes.  And please, don’t shy away from telling me if it’s a big, hot mess.  Most of the time I have to work on such is the wee hours of the night (see the above scheduling problems), and I do not think all that clearly or objectively at those times.

And now, because I feel like if you haven’t written a post in a month, there ought to be some pictures thrown in.  Here are some random pictures of Grayson with his new “big boy” bed and Abby at my first chaperoning field trip, Farm City Day.

September 2009 010

He’s pretty proud of it…and this might be the last time it was made.  Just keepin’ it real.

September 2009 011

Really, anywhere that “blankie” is, Grayson is pretty comfortable being there too.

September 2009 018

Abby got to feed a calf.  Yes, the child who is afraid of a weenie dog will give a bottle to a calf.  Go figure.

September 2009 019 

These two pictures show the unfortunate phenomenon of squinting even when the sun is not out. 

September 2009 022

Indeed, she was not giving me the stink-eye because she didn’t want her picture made.  She just had a bad case of the “squints”.

So, there you go.  A bunch of random thoughts and pictures.  Consider it a brain dump for the blog.  Glad you could be a part of it.


  1. Welcome back! Great post - except for your WAY too often use of the "L" word - my least favorite word in the human language.

    It's a pet peeve.

    Huh - I've never written a post about that! But how can I write a post about a word that I refuse to type? I guess I could say it starts with an L and rhymes with boozer. There you go.

    Anyway, great to have you back, and I've GOT to get Ali in a big girl bed. Thanks for the kick in the pants. It's just that she's so HAPPY in the crib...why go ruining things out of principle?

  2. You are most definitly not a loser! I haven't updated mine in awhile either. Add me to the 2 people who check yours regularly though. I noticed the background change right off. I like it (and we know that is all that matters LOL). I have no clue how to do that stuff. I'm sure your schedule will change and a new routine will emerge. Enjoy your days with Grayson, before you know it, he will be in school too!
    Susan Moore


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