Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Party Like a 2 Year Old

We celebrated Grayson’s second birthday this past Saturday. His actual birthday is not until the 8th, but I like to have the parties early so that the actual birthday is anticlimactic. Not really, but it does always seem to happen that way.

I have no inclination that before Saturday Grayson had any idea what a party was or a present, for that matter. He certainly knew what cake was beforehand, and anything on top of that was just, well, icing on the cake. Har-har. He did not like being sung to, but was all over blowing out the candles. He didn’t even spit on the cake as he was blowing out the candles. Much.

Grayson' 005

The cake…Yes, I made it. No, I did not pay someone money to write in a first-grader’s handwriting on Grayson’s cake.

Grayson' 021

Waiting on the cake…Fortunately, almost two-year-olds don’t really care what the cake looks like as long as they get to eat it.

Grayson' 023

Here’s Grayson, not liking the singing of “Happy Birthday”. We tried not to take any offense at his obvious disgust of our vocal abilities.

Grayson' 026

Blowing out the candles…Somehow, that is just instinctual.

Grayson' 032

Ah, yes, eating the cake. He cannot be slowed down by the use of silly things like utensils.

Grayson' 044

“Where are these presents everyone keeps talking about?”

Grayson' 060

Getting to know Thomas. Thomas is frighteningly real. In case you were wondering.

Grayson' 074

Handy Manny’s Talking Toolbox was a huge hit. Also, possibly the loudest toy ever made. In case you were wondering.

Grayson' 075

“Is that all? I was just getting the hang of this present-opening thing!”

Grayson' 079

“Flicker is fun!”


  1. He is TOO cute! We have that big Thomas too, and for about the first 9 months we had it, Ali was afraid of it.

    The cake looks fabulous, by the way, as does your daily-changing background and header! :)

  2. How sweet. Happy Birthday to your sweet little boy. I love the cake you make. The graham crackers are a nice touch. I miss those days.


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