Friday, January 8, 2010

The one where I reveal just how much I need therapy…

Let me just go ahead and get this out of the way… ROLL TIDE!

If you live under a rock do not follow college football, there was a little thing last night called the BCS National Championship Game between Alabama and Texas. And we won it. I say we, because clearly Bama couldn’t have done it without me.

It was a close game. That might be a wee bit of an understatement. But that brings up one of my many (and I do mean many) neuroses. I cannot watch a close football game. I don’t mean it makes me nervous and I have to cover my eyes in parts. I mean, I physically cannot be in the room where a really close football game is on. It is so bad that we had to take this into account when Burge and I were trying to decide what game to go to this season. I might have had to leave the stadium if we were at the Tennessee game. It killed me that we watched the Auburn game in a small condo in the mountains, because I had NOWHERE TO GO. I couldn’t get away from it.

But back to last night. After the second play of the game, which incidentally included Alabama’s quarterback, Greg McElroy being sacked, I knew I was not going to be able to watch the game. So, while Burge sat in the living room watching the Tide roll to their 13th National Championship, I was in the bedroom catching up on General Hospital. Burge came and gave me periodic updates.

I did try to watch it at some point in the third quarter, while the score was 24-6. But then there was a touchdown and an on-side kick by Texas, and I started to think that perhaps my watching was a bit of a jinx, so I went back and watched Celebrity Rehab (which, as an aside here, is going to be outstanding this season, I think). I saw the last 2 minutes, so I did get to witness first-hand the Gatorade bath of Nick Saban, which quite obviously did not make him a happy camper.

There is an exception to this quirk. If we, for some reason, have to pause the game or are not watching it live, I can watch it as long as I can check the live score on the Internet. In other words, I’m okay if I know everything is going to work out in the end.

Lest you think this neurosis only applies to football, I do the same thing sometimes on reality shows. I’ll watch the end to see who wins or check the World Wide Web, then I’ll watch the show.

Yes, I realize that I clearly have some issues and probably could benefit greatly from therapy. But it’s a whole lot cheaper just to have an extra television for me to watch.

Pictures forthcoming from the “blizzard” of 2010, or the “snow-me, snow-me” as Grayson called it…


  1. Wow. Umm. Wow. There are times I need to get away from my hubby during games because his psychosis reaches mach 10+, but I could never go this far. I bet you read the end of books before you finish, don't ya? ;)

  2. That's a bit...bizarre. I like knowing people's bizarre sides, though.


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