Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Snow that Was

Normally, in the south we have the snow that wasn’t. You know what I’m talking about, the weather people hype it up, everyone rushes to the store to stock up on milk and bread (Why?!? If I’m facing the possibility of being stuck in my house for several days, milk and bread are not going to be top on my list. Give me Pop-tarts, Doritos and Coke.) and then the snow is a no-show (Say that 3 times fast).

But last week, we had the SNOW THAT WAS! And thank the Lord, because the school system decided on Wednesday to let school out at lunch on Thursday and cancel it on Friday. It would have been a huge bummer to burn a weather day with no snow.

Now, mind you, we did not reach “blizzard’ level accumulation. We were more on the heavy end of “dusting”. But what it lacked in quantity, it made up for in endurance. It is now a full 5 days since the snow fell, and it's still hanging on.

Really, though, it doesn’t matter to kids if there’s a quarter of an inch or two feet. Snow is snow. And all Abby cared about was making a snowball.

Jan 2010 001

Here’s the family, two of which were walking in snow for the first time…

Jan 2010 003

Abby got to make her snowball after I nailed her with one. Momma shows no mercy. And Abby needs to work on her aim.

Jan 2010 002

You can see our quarter of an inch of snow in all its glory.

Jan 2010 004

Meet the boy who refused to wear mittens.

Jan 2010 005

Abby and Grayson really enjoyed it which is good considering that might be the only snow they see for a very long time.


  1. I'm glad I'm not the only merciless mom when it comes to throwing snowballs. I'm a beast, really. It's a good stress reliever and as long as they aren't hard packed, no harm done. Sorta. :)

  2. No. Fair.

    Great pics, though!

  3. I think we had The Snow That Wasn't in Nashville. I still can't believe they canceled school before there was one flake. And I think we had a grand total of about a quarter inch. Maybe an eighth of an inch. Total ridiculousness!


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