Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Cow Goes Moo

Saturday morning I got up itching to go somewhere. It didn’t really matter where, I just wanted to go. We had planned to take the kids swimming that afternoon, but the skies were overcast and it looked like the bottom might drop out any minute. So, I thought it was a great day to mark one of our “summer of fun destinations” off our list. It was 90+ degrees outside and ice cream sounded wonderful. Off to the dairy farm we go!

We skipped naps and headed off to Wright Dairy in Alexandria. Incidentally, as soon as we got in the car to go, the clouds parted and the sun came out. It was a sign from heaven that it was a great day to eat some ice cream! Abby only asked if we were there yet about 547 times, so I consider that a success.

Abby was all excited to see the cows. Why? I’m not exactly sure, since she can see cows just by looking out our front door. But, who am I to squelch her excitement. She did get to see some calves, and then we headed to the store for our main goal. Ice Cream.

June 2010 060

Am I the only mother who finds it nearly impossible to get both kids to look at the camera and smile at the same time? Here, Abby has a case of the squints and God only knows what Grayson is looking at. There was only one take for this shot because we were all anxious for the ice cream. And oh, it was worth the wait! Seriously, it is the best ice cream I have ever eaten and I have put away some ice cream in my life. We also bought a gallon of chocolate milk and some cheese named Wanda. Yes, the name of the cheese was Wanda. And it was good. The chocolate milk, however, was in a league of its own. Abby has taken to calling it the “ice cream” milk because it tastes like melted chocolate ice cream. So good! So good, in fact I would drive to the dairy just to buy chocolate milk. But of course, if we were there, we might as well get some more ice cream too. I think the kids would approve.

June 2010 062

Abby and Grayson both got chocolate ice cream, hence the chocolate mustache on the Abster.

June 2010 061

This picture does not do justice to the amount of chocolate Grayson had on him by the time we got home. He literally had it from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet.

I highly recommend stopping by Wright Dairy if you’re ever in the area. And if you do, let me know ‘cause I might want you to pick me up a gallon of chocolate milk.

For the record, Wright Dairy did not give me free ice cream, cheese or chocolate milk. They did not ask me to write this. They have no idea who I am. We just really had a good time, and the chocolate milk is just that good.

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