Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hello, have we met?

Did y’all know I had a blog? No? Well, apparently, neither did I. So, what’s been going on in my rather small world as of late? Here’s a rundown in the ever-popular list format…

1. Since January, I have lost 35 pounds. I finally buckled down and got rid of the “baby weight” that I’ve been carrying since Abby and Grayson were born. And yes, Abby is 6 years old and Grayson is 2, so I really couldn’t use that “I’ve just had a baby” excuse anymore. How did I do it? It’s not rocket science, peeps. I cut out regular soda, eat smaller portions and work-out 4 or 5 days a week on an elliptical for 30 minutes. Here’s some pictorial proof…April 2009 062

Me and the kids at the Birmingham Zoo last spring when I weighed hmmmmmmmpppphhhh *said with hand over mouth*

May 2010 032-1

And here we are at the Birmingham Zoo this past May when I am 35 pounds lighter. As a side note, why does Abby looked scared in both pictures? And wow, Grayson grew a lot in a year.

2. I did not blog American Idol this year because frankly, the beginning of the season bored me. We really got into it the week Casey James sang Huey Lewis and the News’ “Power of Love” and everyone was hating on it. ‘Cause Burge and I? We love us some Huey Lewis. So, we became Casey James’ fans. But by that time, half the season was over and I just couldn’t start in the middle of the season. Oh, and I had forgotten I had a blog.

3. I would be remiss if I didn’t throw something in here about the Bachelorette. I am a Chris L. fan, which surely means he will not win Ali’s heart. Because anyone I pull for on a reality TV show is destined to lose. See above #2 for example. Anyway, what’s up with all the singing this season? And not good singing, mind you. Cringe-worthy comes to mind. Makes me want to fast-forward comes to mind. But like watching a train wreck, I can’t turn away.

4. My first-born, Abby, graduated from kindergarten and is now officially a first grader. It seems like just yesterday we were bringing her home from the hospital. That I was reading her bedtime stories and singing her to sleep. Now, she’s reading to me…

May 2010 135

Here she is, taking her walk down the red carpet…

May 2010 153

Sitting with her class…

May 2010 194

And showing off her trophy after the graduation…

5. Grayson is finally speaking English, and as I suspected, we cannot shut him up. He talks every minute he’s awake and some of the ones when he’s asleep. And there’s no tuning him out. If he does not receive the response he is expecting promptly, he continues to say the same thing louder and louder and louder until we answer him. In other words, he likes to yell. A lot. And loud.

We are enjoying a summer filled with swimming, fun little day trips, and trying not to melt in the 150 degree heat with 250% humidity that is summer in Alabama. So, that’s what’s been going on around here. What have you been up to?

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  1. Hey!! Welcome back to our world!!

    First of all, you look awesome! Congrats on that!

    The Kindergarten graduation outfits are so cute- how much fun is that? Love it!


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