Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend in Review

We have had a pretty packed weekend. It started Friday morning with a pool party play date (gotta love alliteration!) with my MOPS group. At 9:30 in the morning, it was only 125 degrees, with 180% humidity, so it was completely bearable.

After a long and much needed nap, we shipped the kids over to my parents for the night, while Burge and I headed to Game Night with our Sunday School class. And oh, the fun that was had. Seriously, there is no end to the fun when you put 15 adults in a room and let them loose with Catchphrase. We played women against men, and the women whipped the men. I mean, handed them their hineys on a platter. The men refused to play anymore after our 3rd win in a row. My personal accomplishment was getting the women to say “scrimshaw” when I didn’t even know what it was. Women do have a distinct advantage in that game because for some reason, we can speak a sort of shorthand language that only other women can understand. The guys were continually amazed at how we could get the right word after only one or two obscure clues. It’s a gift, really.

A gift that apparently also translates into drawing, because next we played Pictionary and the women won again. After that the guys refused to play anymore “women vs. men” games, so we moved on to dominoes. ‘Cause you know, we’re 80 years old. To be honest though, those senior citizens know how to have a good time. I could play dominoes all night long. I’m just cool like that.

Saturday morning, we picked the kids up from my parents’ house and began grandparent detox. Only before the detox could be completed, we met my parents again for a late lunch/early dinner (would that be called linner? Dunch? How about lupper?) at the kids’ favorite restaurant, Cracker Barrel. Yeah, we don’t get out much. Anyway, Grayson was a holy terror when we got seated at our table. I had to take him out, screaming. He was screaming, not me. Although I wanted to. Or maybe cry. Or maybe cry while screaming. We did manage to get through the meal and a trip to Academy to get Abby soccer shoes and shin guards for her upcoming inaugural soccer season. For the record, she did not get her desire to play sports from me.

On Sunday, we had church and a lazy afternoon at home. We closed out Father’s Day weekend with some chips and salsa from the Mexican restaurant and HGTV’s Design Star and The Next Food Network Star. It just doesn’t get much better than Mexican food and reality TV. What a way to start a new week!

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