Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Because I Like a List

A few thoughts on the Bachelorette in list format, because who doesn’t like a list…

  1. This has been the best Bachelorette ever in my humble opinion. So. Much. Drama. Chris Harrison ain’t lying when he says its the most dramatic rose ceremony ever.
  2. Could someone please school contestants on proper pronoun usage? For the past few years, I have heard “her and I” and “him and I” more than I can count. It’s “she and I”, people! For the love of all that’s good, it’s “SHE AND I”! Alabama even wrote a song about it!
  3. Why does a messy break-up make such riveting television? First, Jake and Vienna and now, Frank and Ali. It’s like a train wreck. No, scratch that. It IS a train wreck.
  4. Speaking of Frank (and I’m sure there are plenty of people speaking of Frank today), at what point exactly did he realize he was in love with Nicole? One of the numerous times he was making out with Ali? I realize there was probably a lot of editing done, but still…he had to wait until the final three? Really?
  5. Does anyone think if Chris L. doesn’t walk away with the final rose he’s going to have to enter the witness protection program to get away from the hoards of single women who will be after him?
  6. Ali’s hair has bothered me all season. There has been some abuse with the use of bobby pins. Yep, I’m calling excessive bobby pin use!
  7. I thought it would have been perfect when Ali was crying over Frank if Kasey had made a guest appearance and sang an off-key, two-note song about how he would guard and protect her heart. That would’ve made her feel better, don’t you think? Then they could have gone and gotten tattoos together. Perfection.
  8. I think Roberto has a perspiration issue. He was sweating in every scene last night. And not just a little, it was rolling off his face like Niagara Falls. Yes, I know they were in Tahiti, but I didn’t notice Chris sweating buckets.
  9. I’m thinking “The Men Tell All” and the finale will be somewhat of a letdown after all the drama this season, but the “After the Final Rose” oughta be a doozy.
  10. I should be so ashamed that I analyze a reality TV dating show like I do, but alas, I am not.

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  1. The pronoun mess was driving me crazy. You tell it girl!


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