Monday, July 12, 2010

The Ducks that Weren’t

As I type this, I’m dealing with a toothache that I’ve had off and on for over a week. So, I cannot be held liable for anything that may sound off the wall…it’s the Tylenol and Advil PM talking.

I’ve had a running list of “Fun Things to Do in the Summer” that we’ve been working our way through with the kids this summer. I’m glad to say we’ve marked a lot of them off. I’m sad to say some of them have not been as fun as I had hoped. For instance, the trip to the dairy farm was a hit (Hello! There was ice cream involved!), but Abby was extremely disappointed that we weren’t there at the right time to actually see the cows be milked. There were tears shed. She wanted to turn around and go back. Must. See. Cows. Milked.

This past Monday was another of the misses, unfortunately. First of all, it’s a miss because I have zero pictures. I left my camera at home. Quite honestly, you’re not missing much. Anyway, Burge was off work, and we decided to take the kids swimming. It really was a perfect day for it, but for some reason, the kids just weren’t feeling the swimming. There was a lot of sitting on the edge and complaining. So Burge suggested we tackle another thing on my list, taking the kids to Cave Spring to see the ducks.

Here’s where things started to go awry. I should have learned this lesson with the cow milking. Just like we should have said, “Let’s go get some ice cream!” and then if they happened to be milking cows when we got there, score! Bonus points for the parents! We should have said, “Let’s go to the park!” and then if there were ducks there, bonus points for the parents! Alas, that’s not the way if happened. We said, “Let’s go to the park and maybe see some ducks!” They heard, “Park, ducks”. Period. No maybe. So when we got there, and there were no less than 248 people running around in that little creek and there was not one single duck to be seen, it was minus 1 million points on the “Good Parent Scale”. Apparently, ducks aren’t fond of 248 people invading their turf. And apparently, kids aren’t fond of parents promising to show them some ducks and then not being able to produce some ducks. There were more tears. Must. See. Ducks. Never mind that you can see ducks less than a quarter mile up the road from our house. Those are not Cave Spring ducks.

Needless to say, that is most likely not a trip we will be making again anytime soon. It is marked off the “Fun Things to Do in the Summer” list. Permanently. Also, we will most likely not be promising any cow milking or duck seeing again anytime soon. I have learned that lesson and learned it well.

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