Saturday, July 3, 2010

Grocery Shopping Drama

I have been a mother of two for over 2 years now. I’d like to think that I’ve grown as a parent in those two years. I’d like to think I’ve gotten more organized out of necessity, because shuffling two kids around definitely requires a certain amount of organization. I can get places on time with both kids by myself, mostly. But there is still one thing that alludes me as a mother of two… the swift and efficient trip to the grocery store.

I’m not talking about the quick run for milk and bread. I mean, the full page list, haven’t been to the store in a while, pantry is empty kind of trip. With both kids. By myself. I got spoiled during the school year, because Grayson and I would go while Abby was in school. I have mastered the art of the grocery store with just one child. Alas, summer hit and I’m back to lugging two kids with me.

Abby and Grayson are both really good kids, but like all other kids, they do have their moments. And their moments seem to always occur when we’re in public and there’s usually someone I know watching. The grocery store is a prime location for this. I try to alleviate the situation with bribery, usually in the form of Pez. A roll of Pez will buy me about 5 minutes of concentration, or one aisle in Aldi. The Pez works great for Grayson because he is confined to the buggy, so all I really need from him is to not scream and yell.

For Abby, though, the Pez can be a bigger distraction. Abby tends to be in her own little world most of the time, which means she wanders. She has a hard time paying attention to where she is in the store in relation to where I am in the store because of the little storyline she has playing out in her head. Add trying to get the Pez out of the dispenser, and it’s almost a lost cause. So, I wind up telling her to stay with me an average of 679 times each trip.

And then there’s the bottom-less pit that is Grayson. Once he has exhausted my Pez supply, he starts rummaging through the buggy to see what he can get open. Incidentally, those little plastic baskets produce comes in are not child-proof.

In case you’re wondering, it’s a wee bit difficult to look at a grocery list, find the items on said list and actually get them in the buggy and to the check-out while trying to make sure I haven’t lost a 6 year old and the two year old hasn’t eaten all the grapes before we pay for them. And let’s not forget, we do the majority of our shopping at Aldi, so I have to bag all the groceries too. And then I have to take that shopping cart all the way back to the store to retrieve my quarter after loading all the bags in the car.

By the time we get back home, a nap is in order. The kids could use one too, I’m sure. Only one month (or 2 Aldi trips) until school starts back…

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