Saturday, July 31, 2010

Oh, the Things Kids Say…

The other day, Grayson and I went out to the school to see what first grade class Abby was going to be in. There was another woman there checking out the class lists too. She had somewhat of an odor surrounding her, like perhaps it had been a while since her last shower. Grayson said, quite loudly, “Momma, what’s that smell?” I tried to shush him, but since he did not get the answer he was looking for the first time he kept asking over and over and got louder and louder. Thank goodness, I’m still the only one that can understand half of what Grayson says…


After her first night of soccer camp ever…

Abby declared: “I know everything there is to know about soccer!”

My response: “Really?”

Abby: “Well, everything they taught us tonight”

Obviously, she needs no lessons in confidence.


While riding in the car, Grayson attempted a knock-knock joke…

Grayson: “Knock-knock, Momma”

Me: “Who’s there?”

Grayson: “Orange”

Me: “Orange who?”

Grayson: “Knock-knock” -- Okay, this is not going well...

Me: “Who’s there?”

Grayson: “Banana”

Me: “Banana who?”

Grayson: “I thirsty, Momma”

All-righty then.

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  1. Too cute!

    I remember the FIRST knock knock joke stage! I actually kind of miss that.

    SO sweet ;-)


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