Saturday, July 10, 2010

Phone Pic Confessional

I was going through some of the pictures on my phone the other day. I’m sure there’s a lot you can tell about a person by the pictures that are saved on their phone. Some I found were humorous ones. And some, if someone were to find my phone and look at the pictures, would lead them to think I was insane.

First the sane ones… And please excuse the poor quality. My phone is strictly a phone, not one of the fancy-schmancy ones, so it doesn’t take really great pictures.


Here’s Abby with her new Bible, the one with the songbook in it.


And Grayson with the crazy hair. Not a morning person, that Grayson.


Abby is showing off her sassy new summer ‘do…


And Grayson enjoying a Honeymoon Bakery cupcake…

And now the insane ones…


I was so disturbed by this new fad in diapers that I had to take a picture of it, lest anyone not believe me when I told them about it. Note on the ad that there is a limit of 3 on them. Hope you got yours before they ran out.


Key lime cupcakes, AKA my ode to Shrek. They sure tasted good though. Yum, I wish I had one right now!


The eye cover from my stove, after I used it to fan all the smoke out of the kitchen. That is about the 5th set of eye covers I’ve gone through in the 9 years that we’ve lived here. And all 9 years, we’ve had the same stove. For some reason, I just cannot remember which knob goes to which eye. Some days, I just shouldn’t be allowed in the kitchen. But please note how clean my sink is…I think it stayed that way for another 5.2 seconds.

And finally,


This is some of Grayson’s handiwork. He brought the rocks home from church. The ladybugs are Abby’s hairclips. He likes to line things up. Is it wrong that I feel sorry for the lone blue ladybug that has no rock?

So there you go…a glimpse into the inner sanctuary of my phone. What do the pictures on your phone say about you?

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  1. Love it! I love random pics. Yes, the denim diapers are beyond disturbing. I'm with you.


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