Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend in Review

We had a pretty laid back weekend compared to what we’ve had the past few weeks. Saturday was errand day. Burge had to go line the soccer field (that’s a whole ‘nother post about how he went from assistant coach to head soccer coach in one fell swoop), so the kids went to Centre with me. It could have been a recipe for disaster. However, it went remarkably well. Only one meltdown in one store. And I do apologize to the gentleman who had to watch me “discipline” my child in the middle of CVS. I honestly would have taken him outside to administer said discipline, but since the bone of contention was his disdain for riding in the buggy, I felt like taking him out of the buggy would have almost been a win for him and well, I just couldn’t let that happen.

Anyway, we went to Wal-Mart after CVS, and apparently the discipline worked because Grayson had no issues with the buggy there. We picked up Abby’s school supply list and filled most of it on the spot. Two small tangents here. First, kudos once again to the marketing people of Wal-Mart. How clever is it to have all the supply lists for all the schools mere feet away from the 50 cent packs of #2 pencils and 25 cent glue sticks? Sheer genius. Also, here’s a shout-out of thanks to the 1st grade teachers at Abby’s school for the short school supply list. I think it’s pretty smart that you load up the kindergarteners with the 2 page lists because they don’t know any better, so then when they hit first grade and the list is about 1/3 of the kindergarten list, they feel immense thanks. And relief. So, we filled most of her list while we were at Wal-Mart. However, there’s always that one elusive item on the list that is unattainable. I thought it was going to be the First Grade Creative Writing Journal. The list was awfully specific and even gave stores where it was carried. That, in my vast 2 years of school supply buying experience is the kiss of death. But no, instead it was the 32 pack of crayons. Does such a thing exist? I found 8 packs, 24 packs and 48 packs, but no 32 packs. We went with the 48 pack and called it a day.

Sunday, we went to church, and then I headed to K-Mart to peruse the clearance toys which are an extra 50% off this week. I hit this sale last year and managed to buy most of the kids’ Christmas and birthday presents in July. This year I not only managed to fill our Christmas and birthday lists for the kids (for the most part…Santa still has to do his thing), but also the lists of most of my family members. It was a well spent afternoon, to say the least. Plus, they gave me a free diet coke. I don’t know what was up with that, but I never look a gift diet coke in the mouth.

And so, another weekend is in the books and another week begins. The summer is winding down…

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