Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend in Review

Well, I am officially a soccer mom. Abby started her soccer season this past week with a mini-soccer camp. And Burge began his career as a soccer coach. It’s a new era in the Lane house!

July2010 095

Here’s my sassy girl, ready for her first night of soccer.

While Burge and Abby learned the ins and outs of the game of soccer, I was planning our new MOPS year with my fellow MOPS moms. There was a little eating, a little more talking and a lot of planning that went on. I think it’s going to be a good year!

Saturday was mine and Burge’s 11th wedding anniversary. So, we did what any couple that’s been married 11 years and have two kids would do, we took the kids with us and went to eat at Wingstop. Then we followed it up with Dairy Queen. I honestly could not have asked for anything better.

Before we took off Saturday afternoon for the big city of Fort Payne, we made a quick stop by the Peddler’s Market, a local antique store. I knew the time was coming that Abby would need a desk in her room to do homework and whatever else it is that 6 year old girls do. I also knew from looking at prices on the internet that I would not be purchasing a new desk. I cannot believe the prices of furniture today. Furniture that is not even real wood! So anyway, Burge and I had discussed it and decided we would keep an eye on Craiglist and check out yard sales for a real wood desk that we could refurbish, if needed. Then last week, I saw a picture of a desk on Facebook at the Peddler’s Market that fit the bill perfectly. So Saturday, after a bit of inspecting and negotiating, this little beauty came home with us…

July2010 101

A diamond in the rough, she is… While I certainly have nothing against avocado green, this will be stripped and painted white to match the rest of Abby’s furniture. You know, once the temperature dips below 90 degrees. 100+ degree weather is not really conducive to painting. At least, not in my world.

Sunday, we had nursery duty in Grayson’s class. In case you were wondering, spending an hour in a small, confined space with ten 2 & 3 year olds will make you question your sanity. So, we came home, took a few Valium and now we’re ready to start a new week!

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