Monday, August 2, 2010

Girls’ Day Out

Saturday, Abby and I had our 2nd Annual Girls’ Day Out Before School Starts. That’s the official name. We’re going to have t-shirts made.

Abby loves to go to the movies. But, let’s be honest, there’s not a lot of movies out there that I’m really comfortable taking my very sheltered 6 year old to. Even a lot of the animated, “for kids” movies have a lot of innuendo and questionable scenes in them.

However, I had heard rave reviews about Ramona and Beezus. I adored all the Beverly Cleary books growing up, and I had introduced Abby to them this past year. So we decided to go see the movie Saturday afternoon. To say I was as excited about seeing it as Abby was would be an understatement. I was probably more excited about the movie. Abby was definitely more excited about the popcorn. That girl can put away some popcorn.

After shelling out $97 for 2 matinee tickets, a popcorn and a drink, we grabbed Abby a booster seat and headed into the theater. Abby is plenty tall enough to see without a booster seat, but she can’t keep the seat from folding up with her in it. And you have not seen panic until you’ve seen a little girl, who loves her some popcorn, get folded up in a theater seat and almost drop her $60 bag of popcorn. Nor have you seen the panic when a momma has to decide what to save first: the $60 popcorn or her daughter. I’ll let you guess what I decided.

July2010 105

Here’s Abby enjoying the golden popcorn. Seriously, how big does she look in this picture? When did she grow up? I swear she was Grayson’s age just yesterday. And why does she look mildly frightened here?

July2010 106

The Lane girls… Am I a wee bit of a photo hog? Possibly.

The movie? It did not disappoint. Honestly, it is a great family movie. There was not one inappropriate thing in it. Not one time did I hold my breath, hoping Abby wouldn’t ask me what something meant.

One thing that did bother me… Bridget Moynahan played the Quimby momma. You know who she is, Tom Brady’s ex-girlfriend, mother of his first-born son. You know, she's like my age. And she’s playing the mother of Beezus, a fifteen year old. Like I could play the mother of a 15 year old. Yeah, that made me feel old. Until I came home and googled her. And I found out from Wikipedia that she’s actually Burge’s age. And since we all know that Burge robbed the cradle when he married me, I felt much better about that whole situation.

We continued the 2nd Annual Girls’ Day Out Before School Starts with a little shopping, during which Abby declared that the only thing she has ever really wanted in life is a pair of high heels. That wish, unfortunately for her, remains un-fulfilled. And we ended the day with a Coke Icee.

It was an awesome day, and I’m so glad we got to spend it together!

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