Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Post with No Title

It has been a wild week in our house. After Grayson’s bout with the croup, he spent 4 days on Prednisone . If you’ve never experienced a 2 year old under the influence of a steroid, then you’ve just not lived. Sleep was hard to come by, and hyperness was at an all time high. We’ve just now started to calm down. Because of this, I can’t manage much coherence right now (let’s just pretend that I can normally put together coherent thoughts, okay?), so here’s a bunch of randomness that has no title.

Lately, everything Grayson eats is “deeee-yish-us”, said while rubbing his tummy and doing his Stevie Wonder head swing. He doesn’t realize yet that he wraps me around his little finger every time he tells me something I cook for him is “deeee-yish-us”.

He has also been obsessed with smells lately. He crinkles his little nose, and says “I smell.” Now, let’s be honest, in a house of four people, two of which are male, there’s not usually a lack of smells. When we ask him, though, what he smells, he always answers “carrots”. Hmmmm, what? Where did that come from? I very rarely cook carrots unless I’m cooking a roast, so who knows what is going through his mind…

Today, I heard him on the monitor waking up from his nap, and since it was almost time to pick Abby up from school, I opened his door to tell him he could get up. When he heard the door open, he sat up in bed and said, “I trying to sweep!” I snickered and asked him to repeat himself, and he said, “I trying to nap, you know, sweep!” Never mess with a boy and his beauty “sweep”.

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