Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Smart Cars…Are They Really So Smart?

Last Friday, after Grayson and I got groceries (Hallelujah for being back to grocery shopping with just one child!) we were in need of some nourishment and the only thing that would fit the bill was some Christian chicken. So we headed over to Chick-Fil-A and on our way through town saw one of these…

I pointed it out to Grayson…”Oh look at the cute little car!”… because I had never seen one on the road anywhere around our area. And then on the way home, guess what we saw.

Yes! Another one! And yes, I am quite sure it was not the same one. They were different colors.

Y’all. I cannot get over how tiny these things are. You would have to really like someone to want to ride in the passenger seat when they were driving one of these. You know how you make fun of couples when you see them riding in a truck with a bench seat and the girl is all slid over up against the guy? Wait. Is that just my family? Is my dad the only one that would always ask how many people it took to drive that thing? If so, this example might not mean much to you. But for the rest of you, this car is so small, you don’t even have to slide on over. Once you get in and shut the door, you are already all slid over. I’m talking zero personal space (and we all know how much I cherish my personal space).

There’s pretty much no space period. How could you get groceries in one of these things? Where would you put your dry cleaning after you pick it up? Hang it from the antenna?

Now, I know that they are better for the environment and very fuel efficient, which I can totally get behind. Especially the fuel efficient part, because I am all for anything that will save money on gas (Hello?! Do we not own a Focus?). After all, saving money is my love language. But even I will not trade saving a buck for safety (most of the time). And how safe can a car really be when it’s so small a VW Beetle could back over it and mistake it for a small dog?

And, on top of that, they are not even all that cheap! You could totally buy… oh I don’t know…a Focus for cheaper than one of these. And you could fit your groceries in a Focus. And your dry cleaning. At the same time. And savor some personal space (not a lot, mind you, but some). But then, I guess a Focus wouldn’t get you noticed quite as much as one of these little guys. I’ve certainly never said, “Hey, Grayson, check out that Focus!” So I guess it’s all about your priorities. Some people like to be noticed, and some people just like to have a place to hang their dry cleaning inside their car.


  1. I know! Some of the dealerships around here are using them as rental cars for when they work on your car. I'm not a fan and would be afraid even a Nissan Murano would squash me!

  2. They're bizarre, for sure. Ali calls them "Baby Cars". Maybe one day they'll grow up...


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