Thursday, September 9, 2010

Queen Bees, Game 1

Tonight was the inaugural game for the Queen Bees, Abby’s soccer team. It was the first real soccer game a third of our team has ever played. Ever. Let’s all keep that in mind, okay?


Some people like to judge a win based on who had the most goals. Personally, I think that’s overrated. I think wins should be awarded for teams who play their little 6 year old hearts out. Who leave it all on the field. The teams who never stop smiling, no matter how far behind they are. The ones who get knocked down and pop right back up, and the smile never leaves their faces. The ones who don’t complain, they just keep right on trucking.


The Queen Bees would be winners in that world. They would ALL be winners in that world. Heck, they ARE all winners!


Unfortunately, that’s not the way they judge a win, and the Queen Bees left tonight 0 and 1. I believe the final score was 5-0, but honestly, I quit counting after a while. But those girls never gave up. I am so proud of the way they handled themselves.


And they had a good time. That really is the most important thing. They had fun. Granted, they would have had more fun had they actually scored a goal, but that will come in time. Maybe lots of time. But it’ll come.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Computers and Kids

Last week, I became the proud owner of this beauty…


And I’ve been trying ever since to get everything moved over from the keyless laptop to this one and figuring out how everything works. I have this odd relationship with technology. I’m not all that technologically savvy, even though I do hold a computer science minor that I earned back in 1999. I’m quite sure when I graduated that I thought because I was fluent in the computer languages C+ and assembly, I would be able to handle any computer related issue that came my way. Alas, the computer industry advanced and my knowledge did not. Which leads me to where I am today: not very technologically savvy.

I know just enough about computers that I can usually mess around with things until I get it the way I want it (plus Google is my friend). However, when I get it the way I want it, I usually can’t remember how I got there. Actually, come to think of it, that’s usually my approach to life in general. I just mess around with stuff until I get it like I like it, and then later I can’t remember what I did to get it there. Yes, frustration is my middle name most of the time. That’s just how I roll.

In other news…


That child there on the right? He is full-on in a size 3T now. Like so full-on in a 3T that if he grows any this winter, he’ll be in a 4T. That makes me kind of sad. He will be three next month. That makes me kind of sad too. Motherhood is such a bittersweet thing…

And finally, a bit of housekeeping… you can now find this little gem of nonsense at So, if you have this page bookmarked, you might want to update the address. Please. If you subscribe in a reader, I don’t think you need to do anything. But what do I know? You might want to re-read those first couple of paragraphs…

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1st Grade Spelling Wonder

One of the good things about my kids getting older is watching them learn new things. I have been astonished at how much Abby has learned in just the first 3 weeks of first grade. I also love to see her trying to do things on her own. For instance, she brought home this paper the second week of school. Clearly, her teacher let her do it own her own…


Rest assured, when I find that elusive “golbfish”, it will indeed be hers.