Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1st Grade Spelling Wonder

One of the good things about my kids getting older is watching them learn new things. I have been astonished at how much Abby has learned in just the first 3 weeks of first grade. I also love to see her trying to do things on her own. For instance, she brought home this paper the second week of school. Clearly, her teacher let her do it own her own…


Rest assured, when I find that elusive “golbfish”, it will indeed be hers.


  1. Aww that is too cute. I love it when kids write sentences and spell the words how they sound, or get letters backwards. Eventually they will get into proper spelling and will have to know how to spell their "sight" words. But in my experience, right now it is more about getting them use to writing.

  2. Hey Gina,
    Found your blog through facebook - I am really enjoying reading it! I also read most of the blogs you have listed on your sidebar :)

    Laura (Oliver) Ealy


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