Monday, January 17, 2011

The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

Let me start by saying that I did not watch the Miss America pageant Saturday night. That is not high on Burge’s list of top things to do on a Saturday night. I’d say it ranks right above having a 1 inch in diameter kidney stone rolling around in his kidney. And, well, since he’s already got that going for him, I figured I wouldn’t put him through any more pain.

However, I feel like I watched it by the wonderful comments on Twitter. Those ladies did a wonderful job dissecting the show, especially the talent competition (Hello, Miss Arkansas with your yodeling ventriloquist act!). But I can’t discuss any kind of pageant without it bringing to mind my most favorite scene from one of the best shows of all time: Designing Women.

I LOVE Designing Women! I am old enough to remember it being on during it’s first run, and even watched some of it then. But I watched every episode numerous times in reruns on Lifetime. I loved Julia Sugarbaker. I wanted to be Julia Sugarbaker. I still kinda do, minus the shoulder pads. She was just such a classy lady, except for that one episode when her son, Payne, got married, and she got a little tipsy and almost performed a striptease for the wedding guests. But I can forgive her for that slip-up based on this scene alone.

If you need me for anything today, you will find me glued to YouTube watching scenes from Designing Women. And maybe brushing up on my baton twirling skills.

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