Sunday, January 30, 2011

What’s in a name…

As much as I can remember, we had an easy time naming our first two kids. We knew we wanted Abby’s initials to be AKL (Burge’s fraternity at Alabama), so it was just a matter of what fit. Abigail Katherine Lane fit well, and it suits her. We knew before I was even pregnant with Grayson that if our next child was a boy he would be named Grayson. Davis was an easy choice for his middle name since it’s a family name on Burge’s side.

This third child hasn’t been so easy. We just couldn’t come up with a boy name that clicked. We knew if it was a girl, she would be Harper. And after a little discussion, we decided Tait fit as a middle name. I still love that name, but alas there will most likely never be a Harper Tait Lane (at least not from my womb). But that great boy name was just alluding us. I had several options picked out, but none of them were really speaking to Burge. He threw out a couple of suggestions, but I had reasons (and not just because I hadn’t picked them out) that they couldn’t be used.

Finally, after much deliberation, we decided on a name that we love. Well, it’s a name I love and a name that Burge can live with. I kid, he really likes it too (or at least that’s what he’s telling me). So, let me present the latest pictures of Lane 3.0, otherwise known as…


John Finley Lane, AKA Finn

John is for my maternal grandfather, and Finley, as well as Finn, are just names we really like.


I believe he’s waving at us in this picture. I think that means he likes his new moniker.

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  1. I love it!! Congrats on picking a name - believe me, I know that's not easy - especially for boys!


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