Friday, March 11, 2011

24 Weeks

Instead of a picture of me this week, I have new pictures of Finn! Who really cares what I look like anyway?

Here’s our little guy’s profile…


Here’s his foot… Apparently I’m growing Bigfoot in my belly. Or maybe a future basketball player. Or Julie, maybe I have the future Bama kicker. Either way, that’s a large foot. Especially when it’s kicking me in the bladder.


And here’s Finn’s sweet face….


I can’t wait to meet and hold this little one! Of course, I want him to stay in and bake a while longer, but seeing him on the ultrasound today made me anxious for June to get here!

Pregnancy Highlights

How Far Along: 24 Weeks

Size of baby: Just over a pound and a foot long…he’s about the length of an ear of corn (really? I don’t think I’ve seen too many foot long ears of corn).

Maternity Clothes: Yes, except for stretchy pants and t-shirts.

Gender: Boy! John Finley Lane, AKA Finn

Movement: All the time…he’s an active little guy. I found out from the ultrasound why I’m already having problems bending over. His head is all up in my ribs, and he’s dancing on my bladder.

Sleep: Glorious sleep! I think the sheer exhaustion of all the sickness we’ve been through the past few weeks has helped me to sleep better.

What I miss: Let’s just be honest, I miss my brain. It appears to have taken a leave of absence for the remainder of this pregnancy (and maybe beyond!).

Cravings: I am still loving strawberries, and fruit in general. I branched out to blueberries this week, and grapes and bananas are always staples around our house.

Symptoms: Tired! And pregnancy brain…I have a hard time remembering what I’m doing just going from one end of the house to the other.

Best moment of the week: Seeing Finn on the ultrasound and hearing that he is right on track!

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