Thursday, March 3, 2011

American Idol, Top 12 Girls

When the ladies filed out on stage last night in their colorful attire, I though for a moment that it was the parade of states from the Miss America pageant. Alas, there was no Miss Arkansas with her awesome ventriloquism, but there were a few pageant worthy, as well as cringe worthy, moments.

Ta-Tynisa Wilson – I have never heard the song she performed - “Only Girl (In the World)”, so I can’t compare it to the original. I can, however, compare her outfit and hair to Whitney Houston’s in the video for “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”. So, yes, I have little concept of current music, but I have great memories of 80’s music videos. I am, indeed, that old. I didn’t like the performance, and I think she’s probably in trouble.

Naima Adedapo – Seriously, the names this season! I thought her outfit was a little, ahem, bright. Then she said she designed it herself, and I was torn between applauding her for her ingenuity and blessing her heart because they do pay stylists on that show that could help her out with that. Anyway, she sang “Summertime”, and it was jazzy and happy and I don’t really think of that song like that. So, A+ for her craftiness and C- for her performance.

Kendra Chantelle – She was the other half of the “Blackbird” duet with Paul McDonald in Vegas, so I already like her. And I thought her performance of “Impossible” was strong and not overdone. Plus, she was rocking the leather pants, so I applaud her for being able to belt out that song when I feel sure her air supply was rather limited. I hope she sticks around.

Rachel Zevita – Oh, lordy. I love Fiona Apple’s “Criminal”. Love it. I did not love the Broadway version of it that Rachel sang. I didn’t even like it a little bit. I even had to Google it to see if there was an actual show tunes version or if she came up with it all on her own. For the record, it appears she came up with it all on her own. Oh, bless her, it was bad. And a big mistake on her part, unfortunately.

Karen Rodriguez – And now it’s time for the talent portion of our pageant! “Hero” is another one of the songs that should be banned from the idol stage. And Karen had the pageant dress to go with her pageant performance! In her favor, she did mix it up a little with some Spanish thrown in. It was probably good enough to move her on through, but I think she’s gonna have to step it up if she wants to go very far this season.

Lauren Turner – I really like her. And I really liked her performance of “Seven Day Fool”. There is something about her look that makes me think of Cruella DeVille, but I’m trying hard to push that out of my mind. As long as she doesn’t show up with a white streak in her hair and start kidnapping Dalmatian puppies, I think I'll be okay.

Ashthon Jones – She sang “Love Over Me”. Quite honestly, that is all I can remember about her performance. Well, that and she had some big Whitney Houston in the 80’s hair. So, I’m thinking that’s not a good thing for her...

Julie Zorilla – I really liked her throughout the auditions, but somehow she fell apart last night. “Breakaway” was way too big for her. It was awkward and almost painful to watch. She looked super cute though, and I wish she had picked a different night to be so off. I think she’s better than that performance.

Haley ReinhartSide note – I wish there was ONE name this season that I didn’t have to look up the spelling before I type it. Anyhoo, she did a great job on “Fallin’”, even if she did over-sing it and looked incredibly uncomfortable on stage. I’m kind of one the fence with this one. If she stays, I hope she tries to be a little less seductive and a little more comfortable.

Thia Megia – Haley could take some lessons from Thia. What a wee little girl with such a huge voice! And hello, understated performance! How refreshing to see a fifteen year old who knows that it’s okay not to fill up your performance with a lot of runs. It does take a lot of talent to be able to hit a note and hold it without all the extra junk. I am grateful to Thia for realizing that. And yes, if you couldn’t tell, I really liked her version of “Out Here on My Own”.

Lauren Alaina – Okay, so she is the female counterpart of Scott McCreery. She’s incredibly talented and will be an awesome country singer. And she’s totally going to be in the top ten. Although, I would like to see her tone down the make-up a little. She is only sixteen, after all. And I just sounded like my mother. Oy!

Pia ToscanoWhere did she come from?? I love the song, “I’ll Stand By You”, and she tore it up. Outstanding. There is a major flaw in the system if she doesn’t go through.

In all, I don’t think the girls are quite as strong as the guys this year. It will be interesting to see who makes it through and how the judges' wild cards play into it.

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  1. Good recap! Although I think I like Haley better than Thia. Maybe that's because of her Sesame Street sweater the next night, though.

    You need to come enter my Idol contest! With your level of intense analysis, you would probably win! ;)


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