Wednesday, March 2, 2011

American Idol, Top 12 Guys

I can’t not blog about American Idol this season. Thus far, I have enjoyed it immensely. I’m loving the new judges, especially Steven Tyler (who’d a thought?), and there are some seriously promising contestants. So, let’s get started, shall we?

Clint Jun Gamboa – Okay, straight out of the gate, I don’t like him. It has nothing to do with his level of talent and everything to do with his diss of the young Jacee during Hollywood week. He sang “Superstition”, which sounded a bit karaoke to me, which is fitting since he is a karaoke DJ!

Jovany Barreto – “I’ll Be” is on the list of songs that should be banned from AI. Can you say over-played? Add to it the fact that he didn’t add anything unique to it, and I think it might be his last performance on the American Idol stage. Unless the shipyard mafia calls in some favors. Is it just me, or does he look like he might be a member of The Family?

Jordan Dorsey – What was that? I believe the word you’re searching for is awkward. And that’s what it was. “OMG” was probably not the best choice of song, and I’d say it sealed his fate when both the judges who liked everybody last night (that would be Steven and Jennifer) didn’t like him.

Tim Halperin – I had no idea who he was before he performed last night. Sadly, I doubt I will have the chance to find out much more about him. I say sadly, because I think I could like him. I didn’t think “Street Corner Symphony” was necessarily a bad choice for him, but it certainly didn’t do much to make him stand out.

Brett Lowenstern – I want to like this kid. I really do. He took up for Jacee during the Clint Jun diss, so I want to be loyal to him. But, I just can’t. His rendition of “Come on Baby Light My Fire” was wrong on so many levels. So. Many. Levels. And the constant hair shaking kind of gave me the heeby-jeebys. Plus, it was almost like the stage swallowed him up. Not a good combination

James Durbin – As opposed to Brett, I didn’t want to like James. He seems a little arrogant to me. And the screaming reminds me of Adam Lambert. And that is not a good thing in my book. However, “You’ve Got Another Thing Coming” was perfectly suited to the well-placed scream. And if he would lose the tail, I believe I could get behind him.

Robbie Rosen – Oh, dear. Let’s add any Sarah McLachlan song to the list of songs banned from AI, okay? Plus, Robbie looks like he walked straight off the set of Welcome Back, Kotter. Don’t believe me? Check this out.

From now on, Robbie Rosen will be also known as Horshack.

Scott McCreery – Okay, I am in no way diminishing this guy’s talent. Clearly, he is a great country singer, if that’s your cup of tea. And, as we all know, it is not mine. Plus, he has the preteen vote locked up, so I don’t think there is any way that he will not sail right on in to the top 10. BUT, what is up with him leaning so far over on that stool and then singing out of the side of his mouth? And, it wasn’t even the opposite side of his mouth from the way he was leaning. It was so off-balance, I had to turn away. Yes, I have issues, and apparently symmetry is one of them.

Stefano Langone – I’m on the fence with this one. I really like the song “Just the Way You Are”, and I thought he did pretty good with the end. The beginning, though, was rough. I think he could garner some of the teen vote, perhaps those who are not familiar with “Baby, lock the door and turn the lights down low…”, and that might save him.

Paul McDonald – I’m a fan of Paul. He won me over with “Blackbird” during Vegas, and then sealed the deal when he wore the awesome Dwight Yoakam suit during his final performance during Hollywood week. Not just anyone can pull off a rose-covered white suit. Also, he clearly has good dental hygiene (did you see how white his teeth are?), which is always a positive. It doesn’t hurt that he owned “Maggie May”. Move over, Rod.

Jacob Lusk – This dude has got pipes. I’m not really sure I can hear him doing anything current though. But, I bet the boy can throw down on some Jesus music.

Casey Abrams – Hands down, my favorite. Now, I know he needs some serious stylist help. Or just some scissors and a razor. But he’s got massive talent. He tore up “I Put a Spell on You” and pretty much stole the show. You never would’ve known he was in the hospital less than 24 hours prior to that performance. That, my friends, is determination. I can’t wait to see what else he’s got up his sleeve.

So, there you go… my take on the top 12 guys. Let’s see how the girls stack up tonight!

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