Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes

The other day, Abby was commenting on something and she said, “I was hoping it was today.” Then she followed it up with, “But I know hope doesn’t get you anything.” Well, thank you for that ray of sunshine, Little Miss Pessimist.


Grayson and I were coming in the house from church the other Wednesday night, when he exclaimed, “There’s a bird!” while pointing to the ceiling of the garage. Those who know me well know of my immense dislike of birds and can understand my immediate panic. I turned to look where he was pointing and saw nothing. He was adamant about the bird though and said, “See! It’s right there with the wings! It’s just a baby bird though.” I finally saw what he was referring to: a moth. It wasn’t even a large one. Clearly we need to start some science lessons in the Lane house.


I saw this hanging on Abby’s wall when I went in to clean the other day.


I didn’t know she even knew where Chicago was. I wonder when she was planning on filling me in on the big move…

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