Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Boys’ Room

Our house only has three bedrooms, so when we decided to expand our brood, we knew somebody would be sharing a bedroom. It actually works out great that the new baby is a boy, since Grayson, at 3, could really care less whether or not he shares a room. Abby on the other hand, at 7, values her privacy. Or at least values being able to lock herself and her toys in her room so that grubby little brother hands can’t get to them. Either way, sharing a room with an infant would probably have led to lots of drama on her part.

Part of the way we sold the whole room sharing thing was to tell the kids that whoever had to share a room would get new bunk beds. Grayson was really excited to trade in his full bed for bunk beds. And he was all for sleeping in the top bunk until the bunk beds were actually in the room, and then he decided he liked the bottom bunk just fine. And that is quite all right with me. I prefer not to deal with a busted head or any broken bones from falling off the top bunk for a few more years.

Other than the bed switcheroo, not a whole lot else has changed in the room.

Here's what it looked like before, at least the bed…


And here’s what it looks like now…


The bunks…Is there some trick to making bunk beds that I’m not privy to? Right now no one is allowed on the top bunk because there is no way this pregnant belly will allow me to get up there to change those sheets. Changing the bottom ones are hard enough. I welcome any and all tips.


And the crib


And a close-up of my boys’ art… I hope they love sharing a room! Or at least tolerate it well.


  1. Cute! Love the name signs. Did you paint them?

  2. It's just scrapbook paper and Mod Podge. I used the Cricut to cut out the letters. I'm not artistic enough to paint anything. :)


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